The Journey to A Fitter You

The worst feeling in the world is when you are made the butt of jokes because of your weight, it is as if, no matter how good you are at what you do, or how good a person you are, it all gets trumped by the way you look and your weight. For most people, it becomes a debilitating emotion, and will lead to depression and lethargy and can spiral into drastic dieting, yo-yoing and frustration at not being able to lose weight. There is really no recipe for success, even the reality show biggest loser showed us that it is not about training as hard as you can, or being in a strict diet that would make you shed those excess pounds. Consistency is the most important thing, you need to commit to getting fitter, to make changes in your lifestyle, not just going on a diet or to the gym and then abandoning it once you get to your ideal weight. Committing to becoming healthy means embracing a healthier lifestyle through a program of physical exercise and healthy eating choices much like what Crossfit Los Angeles offers.


Crossfit is a system of physical activities that have been designed to strengthen the core muscles of the body and to enhance your stamina and be able to live a healthier life. It is composed of various activities such as running, weightlifting, cycling and more. There are now more Crossfit gyms like Crossfit Los Angeles that offers the program and they are trained and accredited to provide such programs. Crossfit is a popular choice among fitness buffs because it is varied and is effective at preventing plateauing. It is also a group training program and you do meet friends and kindred spirits who will also help you in your journey to become healthier.

Choosing a Crossfit Gym

Since crossfit is a patented program, you have to make sure to choose a gym that is actually accredited to provide such training. You also have to check whether they have qualified and competent coaches and the gym has the right facilities and equipment for all of the programs they offer. In Crossfit Los Angeles, the gym is state of the art, is accessible, with enough parking space and works with a flexible schedule depending on your preferences. Classes are not too large that you would feel unattended by your coaches, but not too small to make you feel insecure. Although, there are individual classes for those who prefer it, but the shared goal of doing crossfit training is also one of its appeals. Since crossfit training is not your usual exercise cycles, you actually have to spend a lot of time at the gym, so you need to choose a gym that is comfortable, clean, and sanitary and all the amenities that you need to relax and catch up with your gym buddies after the training.

Doing Crossfit

The popularity and the buzz about crossfit and its effectiveness make it a popular choice but you need to evaluate yourself first if it is right for you. Crossfit is a bit strenuous and might require that you are at a certain level of fitness which might not be suitable for a beginner. However, crossfit training can be flexible and tailored to the fitness goals of the individual. You could probably start off with a basic cardio and strength training and when you feel more confident about your body and strength, then you can do crossfit training. Crossfit Los Angeles will help you achieve your fitness goals and will prepare you for it if you are starting from scratch. Doing crossfit can change your life, and make your fitness journey a bit clearer and attainable.

A Healthy Family

Many people who have come to Crossfit Los Angeles would tell you that one of the ways in which crossfit works is that sense of community and family that you get when you join a crossfit program. As you continuously engage yourself to become healthier and fitter through crosffit training, you are also making connections and becoming a part of a healthy family. In this family, everyone else is a cheerleader, a supporter and a motivator so that you can train with all you have. You will notice that you push a little harder as your friends cheer you on, as they become happy with what you have accomplished and that they will support you as move forward on your fitness journey.

Becoming Healthy

Crossfit training not only enables you to reach your fitness goals, but also teaches you to eat healthier and make healthy choices. As you commit to crossfit training and immerse yourself in it, you will learn that it is not just a physical regimen but rather a way of life. If you really follow every aspect of crossfit training, then you are already halfway through your fitness journey. Crossfit Los Angeles is equipped to teach its gym members all that they need to change their lives according to the crossfit way. As you learn how to eat and prepare healthier meals, and as you lose weight and gain better fitness, you inevitably become healthy.

A Way of Life

Going to the gym should not be just a fad, or something that you do to impress other people or use it to meet eligible single people, rather it should be a way of life. It is also true that when you go to the gym regularly and your body has been used to the consistent physical activity that you have, your body will crave for that physical exertion that triggers neurotransmitters which also makes you feel better about yourself. Becoming fit will not only make you healthier physically but also emotionally and mentally. Regular exercise is also associated with improved mood, better quality of sleep and energy that will make you feel that you can conquer the world. Let Crossfit Los Angeles help you change your life and make health and fitness a way of life.

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