The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover: 5 Ways to Transform Your Space

If you find yourself drooling over Joanna Gaines’ line at Target but don’t have the know-how, the budget, or the time to design the bedroom of your dreams, this article is for you.

Not only are we going to show you how to do a bedroom makeover in record time, but we’re ranking our projects from least to most expensive, so you know how much bang you can get for your buck.

You shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to have an HGTV-level bedroom – you can love the space you’re in without breaking the bank. Ready to get started? Put on your interior designer cap and get started reading, below!

Free and Easy Bedroom Makeover Tip

Before we go into any of the actual DIY’s we wanted to take a moment to encourage you to use your bedroom solely as your bedroom, and nothing else but that. Sleep experts have been telling us that the less you do in your bedroom (that’s not sleeping or doing things in your bed) the better your sleep will be.

Only using your bedroom as a place to sleep, dress, rest, and cuddle will make you healthier – and it’ll keep your bedroom looking prettier since that corner home office won’t be in it.

We know that’s not possible for everyone, but if you’ve been looking for a sign to move your home office somewhere else, this is the time!

  1. Get New Bedroom Linens 

If you’re looking to change up your bedroom for less than $100, start with changing out your duvet or comforter. Given that you make your bed every day, it’s probably the biggest pattern in the room. That attracts the eye and therefore switching it out is a low-cost but high-impact switch.

You should get something you want that works with your current decor, but trends in bedding include deep jewel tones, velvet or other specialty fabrics, and anything with a botanical pattern.

Grab some new throw pillows from a discount store like Marshalls, change your window coverings if you have them, and you’ll feel like you have a completely new room!

  1. Paint or Paper an Accent Wall 

Doing an accent wall may be cheaper than getting new bedding and linens, but it depends on the size of your bed and the size of the wall you want to cover.

If you’re not familiar, an accent wall is usually a smaller wall in the room that you paint or cover with a bright color/pattern that would be “too much” to use on all four walls. Many people choose to do the wall behind their bed, then keep their bedding more neutral, but if you’re the wild type – go on with your bad self! We won’t judge.

Painting the wall yourself is usually the cheapest option, but it’s also the messiest and if you want a pattern, you then have to get stencils involved. Another option is to buy removable wallpaper from the home improvement store or Amazon, but the rolls are skinny, and covering a large wall gets pricy, fast.

When it comes to ordering removable wallpaper, always get at least two more rolls than you think you need. The measurements of the rolls should be on the packaging or on the product, but you need to leave room for error. Speaking of room for error, designate a lot longer than you think to put the wallpaper up.

Not only is it tricky to get it to lay flat with no bubbles, but lining up the patterns may cause you to pull your hair out. The final look is worth it – but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  1. Paint the Entire Room 

While a gallon of paint isn’t that expensive, painting an entire room is a labor of love. It will take at least the entire weekend to tape off the room, move all the furniture, prime the walls, do all the coats, take the tape down, do touchups, and put everything back.

And since it’s so much work, we recommend getting professional painters to do the job, instead of doing it yourself. It will cost more, but it’ll look better, there’s less chance that you’ll get paint somewhere it doesn’t go, and it’ll get done much quicker than if you did it yourself.

If you (or your budget) insist on DIY’ing, don’t skimp on the supplies. You’ll need plenty of painters tape, rollers, pans, drop cloths, paint stir sticks, and the highest quality base paint you can afford. Watch a few YouTube videos on how to paint correctly to make sure you get the results you want.

Feeling extra creative? Paint your ceiling a coordinating color as well! You’ll need a ladder for high ceilings, but the end result will make you feel like you’re in a 5-star hotel room. Totally worth it!

  1. Get a New Bedframe 

Unless you go super simplistic, bed frames and headboards are deceivingly expensive. Plan to spend at least $250 on one, if you have a small bed, and are shopping at a discount store like IKEA. King and Queen bed frames can easily be in the $500-$1000 range, or more – depending on the style you like.

Don’t want to spend all of that? We don’t blame you. Give Pinterest a search on how to DIY a headboard – it’s surprisingly not that hard!

  1. Combine the Options Above 

There’s no rule saying you can’t do an accent wall and get a new coordinating bedspread at the same time, or any other combination of the above tips. It all has to do with your resources, and how committed you are to this bedroom makeover.

Designing the Perfect Bedroom Retreat 

Experts say your bedroom should be designed to help you relax, whether that means pastel colors or hiding all your paperwork or messy clothes away. Your bedroom makeover only has to work for you and whoever you share your bedroom with, so don’t be afraid to color outside the lines.

We know you’ll do great! If you need bedroom inspiration, browse our blog for more!

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