Tips and Tricks on How to Exercise With Limited Mobility

When you think of exercise, you probably think of running, jumping, lifting heavy weights, or using intimidating machines in the gym. Because this is the common idea of exercise, those with limited mobility can find it difficult to exercise regularly.

However, the benefits of exercise cannot be ignored. You can maintain healthy blood pressure, boost your mood, reduce your risk of heart disease, and experience many other benefits just by exercising. By not exercising, you are missing out on improving your physical and mental health.

Fortunately, you can exercise with limited mobility. By taking a few precautions and using a few alternative methods, you can exercise in a safe and manageable way. If you are dealing with limited mobility, here are several exercises you can do.

Start With the Right Equipment 

Making sure you have the right accessories and equipment is essential to exercise with limited mobility. Consider taking advantage of the upwalker lite price, buying exercise bands, hand weights, yoga blocks, and more. Having these items will help you get the most out of your workout, regardless of your range of mobility.

Water Aerobics 

One of the best exercises for someone with limited mobility is water aerobics. This is ideal because the buoyant water offers gentle resistance without requiring balance or a full range of motion. Look for classes at your local gyms and YMCAs.

Gentle Stretching 

While you may not think of stretching as exercise, flexibility training is essential for your overall health. Adding gentle stretching into your exercise routine is a great way to increase flexibility, improve posture, release tension, and prevent injuries. You can perform stretches that are specifically designed for those with limited mobility.

Chair Based Exercises

A helpful tip for how to exercise with limited mobility is to workout while seated. By sitting in a chair, you can perform all kinds of exercises and get in an effective workout. You can find these workouts on YouTube or by purchasing DVDs.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are great exercises for seniors with limited mobility. Both workouts help strengthen and lengthen your muscles by using low impact moves. You can do both yoga and Pilates in a seated or lying position.

Physical Therapy

If you cannot exercise on your own, consider going to physical therapy. Similar to having a trainer, a physical therapist can help you strengthen your body by working around your mobility issues. This is ideal for someone who is dealing with problems from a recent injury.

This Is How to Exercise With Limited Mobility

If you are wondering how to exercise with limited mobility, consider these options.

Start by making sure you have all of the tools and equipment you need. Then, you can try water aerobics, chair exercises, yoga, Pilates, and gentle stretching. If you are not able to exercise on your own, consider trying physical therapy.

These methods are ideal for someone who has limited mobility but still wants to exercise.

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