Top 10 advantages of utilising billboards

It goes without saying that billboards are one of the most effective modes of advertising: it’s why they’re still being used almost 200 years after their inception in the 1860s. Using billboards is a sure way to get your brand message across, so here are the top 10 reasons how they can truly enhance your marketing campaign.

1. 24/7 advertising

Billboards, unlike other forms of advertising, are always on. When a consumer decides to turn off their phone or computer, there’s no way for them to see your digital marketing campaign. Physical advertising such as billboards doesn’t suffer from this setback and is likely to reach a wide range of people as a result.

2. Location is key

Billboards are a form of roadside advertising, meaning they will garner the attention of all road users, including cyclists, pedestrians, and those using public transport. In other words, through the use of billboards, you can enhance the number of people actively engaging with your marketing campaign.

3. Acquire a diverse audience

Depending on where you place your billboard, it is going to be seen by a lot of people from all kinds of demographics. This is incredibly advantageous if one of your marketing goals is to diversify your customer pool.

4. Increase impressions

Because of their often-public location, your billboard is going to be seen essentially all the time. This increases the number of impressions on your marketing strategy, with the potential to vastly increase your number of customers.

5. Cost-effective

When considering the number of impressions and customer interactions you will be getting by placing a billboard in a high-traffic area, they are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising when compared to digital alternatives.

6. Captivate your audience

Billboards are designed to captivate people behind the wheel, or those staring out the window during their commute on public transport. These places are perhaps the last place where consumers will be staring at their phones; instead, their attention will be drawn toward your advertisement.

7. Increase brand awareness

Customers are likely to see your billboard more than once if they travel down the same route every day. This gives your business more exposure, and in turn, increases your brand awareness.

8. The bigger the better

Given their immense size when compared with other forms of advertising, billboards are highly effective in grabbing the attention of the consumer. In other words, they are highly visible and can catch the eye of a potential customer even from long distances.

9. Great for niche markets

As well as being placed in diverse areas to appeal to all, billboards can be placed in extremely localized areas to make attracting niche target markets far simpler than online alternatives.

10. They’re here to stay

Unlike other forms of advertising, billboards are timeless, adapt to changing times, and thus will never go out of style – that’s why they’ve been a primary form of advertising for almost 200 years.

Billboards for an effective marketing strategy

Implementing billboards into your marketing campaign is a great way to realize your advertising goals. With the potential to reach both wide audiences and niche markets, they are a fantastic and cost-effective method of bringing in new customers and increasing your brand awareness.

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