Types of Desks For Your Work

Everyone needs a desk that suits their needs for school, work, or life maintenance. However, the metrics or checklists that each person uses can vary. Do they want an ergonomic product or a more fashionable desk? Is the price tag a point of contention? Below we will go over some of the best home office desks depending on factors from aesthetic to actual practicality.

Flat Pack

Those requiring a simple and practical desk cannot go wrong with a flat pack. As the name suggests, components are sold in slim, compact packaging and are assembled by the buyer. Sets are often excellent for secondary students that need a space for studying at home.

Flat packs offer a slew of benefits, the primary one being their price point. They are affordable desks, perfect for students on a budget who need a dedicated space for their work. Even better is the online marketplace, with many retailers offering Afterpay options that save on paying the upfront price.

It may seem intimidating, but flat packs are quick and easy to assemble. Packages come with intuitive yet thorough instructions, and many retailers offer online resources such as videos to walk buyers through the process.

There can be some downsides to choosing a flat pack. The cheaper packages are quite small, meaning those of us that spread out work across a desk can feel constrained. Customers after an extended desk will have to fetch into their pockets as they come at a higher price.


A Formply desk is the way to go when looking for a desk with quality materials and strength. Formply is a type of plywood that incorporates a laminated film surface, offering a smooth and aesthetic quality not found in regular plywood cuts.

The main factor for choosing a Formply desktop is its strength. The plywood sheets are comprised of veneers that eliminate knots in the timber that compromise strength. Sheets are F17 graded and have special documentation you can view that ensures their capacity.

Although Formply is primarily for concrete formwork, its laminate surface is smooth and durable against scratching and other marks.

Unfortunately, there are not many retailers selling Plywood desks outright. You will need to build this one from scratch, and there are not many prevalent resources online regarding how to build one.


Even before the shift to working from home, the modern-day office space had an increasing interest in ergonomic products. The trend is seen in modern mousepads, chairs, and, eventually desks.

The stand-up desk results from ergonomic research and allows the user to continue working while standing upright instead of sitting.

There is a myriad of benefits to choosing a stand-up desk. The first is how it allows employees to continue working while standing up. Excessive sedentary behaviour is common in office workers, with back and shoulder problems becoming a major health issue. The stand-up aims to combat this, allowing users to move freely, reduce sedentary time, and improve posture.

Another positive aspect is its customisation. The height of the desk can be adjusted to suit your specific height instead of a one size fits all approach.

The only barrier to owning a stand-up desk is the price tag. Prices on such products sit at $220, and that is on the cheaper side. The benefits still greatly outweigh the cost in the long term, and this desk is a necessity for office workers.


Maybe aesthetic and overall synergy with the house is more important than a slew of gadgets and gizmos or affordable pricing. Our favourite pick in this regard is beach-themed desks for a coastal house.

A hefty DIY project, this desk is simple but uses a layer of epoxy resin to create the effect of sand-covered shores right in your home office.

The project is a matter of filling your mould (set to your dimensions) with sand and a few shells from the beach before a generous layer of epoxy on the top. The end result is a stunning desk and a real conversation starter with any house guest.

The only drawback here is the associated costs. Epoxy resin does not come cheap. The price of a bottle can cost up to $800, depending on the brand. It is advised that only those familiar with the resin and who have undertaken a few tests dare to make this or risk wasting a few hundred dollars.

So, you have reached the end. We’ve showcased some awesome desks, but now it is down to you and your preferences to decide.

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