Upgrade the Light Academia Look

The light academia look is a fresh new look that is not only classy but wonderful. The light academia aesthetic involves an interest in literature, music, art, history, and learning. Despite the criticism for being quite Eurocentric visually, light academia remains popular because it is an aesthetic that is easy to wear, and you can wear it anywhere.

What are some items you can incorporate to upgrade your look? For example, you can incorporate your watch and footwear to upgrade and level up your light academic aesthetic looks. Regarding fashion, the little details matter and make your look count.


The first item you will need to upgrade your look is the watch. The watch has a lot of functions. Not only does it look good – but it also helps you tell the time. In addition, it can help you bolster a more “no nonsense” image and make you look like a stronger personality, especially if the material of your watch is leather, and presents a more “strong” image. If you know how to utilize your watch, it becomes a priceless asset and accessory.

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Secondly, another crucial component of the light/dark academia aesthetic is the kind of shoes you wear. A safe choice for dark academia to wear would be dark boots. However, on the other hand, the light academia aesthetic has a flexible space where shoes are concerned and involved.

With shoes, you can opt for Mary Janes and Doc Martens. In addition, you can also get some Oxford shoes. Plenty of light academia is based on media such as Little Women (2019), Dead Poets Society, Mona Lisa Smile, and the novels Song of Achilles and Circe.

As the light academia aesthetic, like the dark academia aesthetic, does relate to the academia visuals, there has to be structure around the footwear. Therefore, it is also one of the most crucial components of a light academic aesthetic.


Furthermore, another great way you can upgrade your light academia look is through the usage of hats. Some hats recommended would be berets. In addition to that, you can also try wide-rimmed hats, especially if you are going on an outing adventure.

In urban outings, berets will be your best friend because they’re cute, they’re light – and they’re also available in a variety of colors.

Wide-rimmed hands, meanwhile, are the more regal and more “photo”-friendly because of the space they take up. But, visually, they command a lot. In addition, these hats are also easy to buy. However, you may want to be careful where you get them because if you get a good brand, you can ensure the hat will last quite a long time.


One of the main staples of how the female members of the Royal Family dress are the clean visual aesthetic. It is made possible by using socks less. Rather, the alternative they use is stockings. With stockings, you can level up your visual outfit and make it seamless.

Wrapping Up

With these accessories, you’ll have a more seamless outfit for your next light academia-inspired getaway!

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