Useful Smartphone Apps for Students

Technology advances day in and day out and therefore makes everything easy for almost everyone. One of the critical areas that technology impacts is the educational sector. There are better learning opportunities that simplify the student’s access to academic resources. In the past, gathering informative, educational content required that one visits the library. The case is different from the current generation. Access to resources is currently made more accessible. For instance, if a student wants to access a given resource, they will go straight to their smartphone’s browser, google and access their desired content. 

One of the possible sources of education is websites. For instance, this website provides a wide range of informative materials for the learner. Another possible education resources are mobile applications. Mobile phones are standard, and almost every student has access to them. Since it is common to use mobile applications for studies, it is essential to go for the right choices. In this piece, we shall explore seven practical applications critical for any student who finds it difficult to go to the library daily. 

  • Exam vocabulary builder 

Gone are the days when you had first to access an English dictionary to establish or build your vocabulary. With the Exam Vocabulary builder, you can learn new words right at the comfort of your hostel or room. The application not only explores language but also takes care of its usage. Therefore, you learn new words and how you can use them within a sentence. A more important feature of this application is the support for a friendly user interface that enables the student to navigate different words easily. The application also supports tests that measure your level of understanding of various vocabularies.    

  • Quizlet

Another essential and productive application for the student is Quizlet. With the application, a student can learn anything by studying through flashcards. Quizlet enables the students to prepare their own study sets and focus on their passion areas. Right from business to mathematics, students can create diagrams and definitions of their choice. Interacting with the application gives the user an entirely new experience that incorporates fun into learning. Therefore, if you have any questions from any field of study, you can confidently rush to the Playstore and rely on Quizlet as a solution to most of your academic difficulties.   

  • Exam Countdown

Exam periods always cause mayhem, and disorganization among the students. Usually, such occurs because of inadequate preparations, and therefore the fear of doing examinations rises among the students. If you are part of the students who get distracted amid an exam, you can rely on this suitable application. Right from the name, you can establish what the application performs. It is a primary tool that students will depend on when closely approaching examinations. The advantage of this application is its support for both Android and iOS devices. It is also free and supports a schedule of events. Most importantly, the application enables the student to keep track of assignments, questions, and examinations. Therefore, you won’t miss submitting assignments as there are occasional notifications that will remind you of academic activities.   

  • Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is also another essential free application that runs on a range of platforms. If you have problems managing crucial activities and social media, it is vital to consider Cold Turkey. With the application, you can focus on your work as it blocks every possible social media distraction. One perfect feature of this application is the strictness that demands the user to keep using the application until the set time is over. Therefore, the application will not in any way allow you to exit before you complete your task. With Cold Turkey, it is generally challenging to start another application, visit a website, among more. Therefore, you can note the strictness of the application in helping you stick to what you have planned in academics. It is a perfect choice for any student who needs to attend to crucial assignments and academic work without being distracted. 

  • MyScript Smart Note

If you find difficulties writing notes in the classroom, you can quickly resort to MyScript Smart Note for reliable support. It is the easiest solution when you want to write notes on the tablet quickly. It has an eye-catching and straightforward user interface that enables the user, who is, in this case, the student, to edit hard writing in different ways. The application also has additional features that support the addition of mathematical equations, images, etc.    

  • Sunrise

Every student should at least have the Sunrise application on their smartphones. It is one of the best applications essential for student organization. With the application, a disciplined student will always stick to a given routine, helping the student achieve their daily goals. The application also supports integration with other third-party applications like Facebook. You can download it from the app store and help your student stick to a given routine.  

  • Evernote

Another free application that will productively serve every student is Evernote. It is rated as one of the practical learning applications and supports simultaneous management of different academic practices. 


Smartphones play an essential role in managing and organizing academic stuff. Therefore, students should ensure to find out the most supportive application and run them on their smartphones. It is one of the best approaches to achieving academic excellence. 

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