What do you wear to Orange theory?

The orange theory has been the latest trend in gymnastics since it can give you more endurance and stamina when training. It consists on wearing the best orange clothes you can possibly get for that reason and start training like never before.

The intensive training has its roots on the way people perceive their appearance according to the environment they are activated into. Orange theory believes that a score of people that are dressed in orange clothes and start exercising together are giving courage to one another so that they can become more durable and effective in this new kind of training.

The orange theory training has been gaining more and more fans worldwide since it is rather easy to implement and can easily give you tremendous results in just a few workout sessions. Let’s now see what the most competent clothes and shoes are for practicing the Orange Theory.

Clothes you should be wearing

By far the most useful clothes in orange theory training are the uniforms that are colored in orange like the name of the exercise theory suggests. The rationale behind all this outfit is to stimulate the senses of the people who are exercising and produce more racing hormones so that their body withstands the extreme pressure.

Not to mention, that this outfit is always associated with greater performance since it gives your brain the signal that you are going to be competing against others for a better ranking. This may not be true when you are simply exercising in a gym, however you can say that the Orange Theory clothes are getting you to the outer boundaries of your stamina when worn properly.

Sometimes you can wear shorts and sticky pants when you are performing the Orange Theory in the gym or outdoors. This will help you get rid of the extra heat wave that accumulates gradually when you are exercising and will also make you feel a lot more comfortable.

What kind of shoes are the most adequate for Orange Theory?

The Orange Theory training needs the best quality footwear if you want to have the best results on your performance as well as your personal fitness levels. Sneakers and running shoes, always colored in the Orange Theory pigmentation are by far the most competent shoes for that kind of activity for a variety of reasons.

First, these shoes are having the most highly competitive outsoles that can be found in modern footwear. In other words, orange theory shoes are giving you extra grip to the most slippery surfaces and can make you walk and run even when you are facing uneven terrains. Orange Theory exercises are usually indoors in well protected environment but when being outdoors it may give you lots of hardships that need to be addressed by your shoes.

Sneakers are the ones that offer ultra-cushioned heel and foot curve areas that will help you withstand all the pressures coming from the mild impacts to the ground. Since jumping has a great relation to the Orange Theory training you are more likely to complete your program when you are wearing these shoes rather than any other kind.


The Orange Theory training has a special outfit both for clothes and shoes concerned that cannot be compared to any other activity program. It has a very special mental theory that catches your senses through the dominance of the orange color. This is unique among other kinds of exercise since it supports the principle that brain has to work a lot faster if you want your feet to run at ultimate speed.

The Orange Theory promoters are gradually inventing new clothes and footwear so that you are always stylish and fashionable when training. These garments and shoes can also be worn during leisure time and give you confidence that you can be the center of the attention in any possible place you are in.

Orange Theory supporters consider this type of training as a way of living, a special lifestyle that gives them joy and pleasant times in every moment of their daily life. You have to make sure that you are always getting the best equipment if you want to thrive in Orange Theory training.

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