Why Choose An Independent Living Community In Ann Arbor

As an older person reaches retirement age, there are a lot of choices to make – and where to live is one of the most important. Many seniors find themselves in a situation where their current living arrangement won’t work for retirement, but are still healthy and hearty, so they have no reason to enter a nursing home.

That’s when it makes sense to join a seniors-only independent living community in Ann Arbor, instead! Independent living communities offer the perfect lifestyle for seniors who want to live among people like them, without the personal intrusions of a nursing home.

When you choose independent living in Ann Arbor, you can get:

Luxury Apartments

Independent living communities offer seniors exceptional apartments with all the amenities, designed around the needs of seniors. You can enjoy plenty of space and beautiful decorations, while still enjoying all the benefits of a senior community.

Great Friends & Neighbors

Independent living communities are seniors-only. You can be surrounded by people like you, without having to worry about the noise and hassle of living in a mixed setting full of families. You’ll be able to make new friends quickly, while still keeping in touch with your existing friends and family.

Fewer Household Responsibilities

An independent living community doesn’t intrude on your life – it improves your life! You’ll have full housekeeping services taking care of your apartment, and other chores like lawn maintenance are handled by the community managers as well. You can fully enjoy your retirement with minimal responsibilities, allowing you more free time to live your life.

Many independent living communities also offer full concierge services, further reducing your burdens. Let others do your shopping for you, if you choose, or help out as you plan trips and other activities. They’re here to make your life as easy as possible.

Health & Wellness Services

Medical problems become more frequent as a person ages, and an Ann Arbor independent living community is ready to help. They have excellent medical services on-site, with call buttons in rooms. If you ever have troubles, nurses or doctors can be there in minutes, and get you back on your feet.

A Full Range Of Activities

It’s hard to be bored in an independent living community. There are always events, classes and lectures, hobby workshops, socials, exercise programs, and much more. You can also arrange for trips to sights and events around the area as well, or just enjoy a leisurely shopping trip – without driving yourself, of course.

Independent living is the way to go for seniors who want to make the most of their retirement, while still receiving the assistance they need to fully live their lives. If you’re looking for a new living arrangement, sign up for tours at your local independent living communities in Ann Arbor!

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