To Women Who Want to Opt for Breast Augmentation But Are Afraid

It may seem as though the Kardashian effect is hype today, but the truth is having a perky boob pair is a lot more than following the latest trends. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, opting for the breast augmentation in Atlanta is a rising trend, compared to ever before. In the year 2016, there was a rise in the number of augmentation surgeries, with over 4% rising each year.

When it comes to our body, few of us feel completely happy with the way we look. No matter what medical field, it evolves a lot, especially when it comes to choosing plastic surgery, and it can help to correct various imperfections that we do not feel happy about in the days to come.

There may be several reasons why you are planning to go under the knife. It could be that you want to boost your confidence or wish to have a better contour of your figure. Regardless of the reason, it’s natural that you must have concerns. You may not be feeling very happy with the decision to go under the knife. It’s normal to feel scared and nervous before any surgery.

As you read this post, it should help to clear all your doubts and throw away your fear about the surgery.

It’s Rare to Encounter Complications

You should know that it’s rare to encounter complications after a breast augmentation surgery. It’s a common surgery and many plastic surgeons bag years of experience with it. Of course, what matters is choosing a board certified plastic surgeon, considering those at Crispin Plastic Surgery. When you opt for the breast augmentation surgery, you should know that the risks of encountering complications like infections and bleeding is just about 2%. As the procedure proceeds, the risks of any possible complication are zero.

It Has a Fast Recovery Phase

Yes, this may sound weird, but the truth is, the recovery time for the breast augmentation surgery is actually quite fast. Within just a day of the surgery, it’s possible you resume your normal work and carry on with other daily activities. Of course, you should follow the necessary precautionary measures, and this should ensure quick healing. Note that this procedure comes with little problems like pain, discomfort, slight bruising, but when you follow prescription medications your surgeon provides for quick healing, the recovery phase will pass by within no time.

You Can Lead a Normal Lifestyle

For those women who lead an athletically fit lifestyle, this is a major concern. They feel worried about how their breast implants would affect their health and whether they need to take other additional precautions. However, rest assured that after the incisions heal and your breast implants settle, this should not have any effect on your lifestyle. You should not feel have any worries about giving up your sports life or enjoying your hobbies, or favorite sports activities.

Surgeons Use General Anesthesia, So the Procedure is Painless

For the breast augmentation surgery, if you have concerns regarding the pain, you need to know that it requires general anesthesia. Pain is a major concern for most patients, and sometimes being unconscious during the procedure may seem quite intimidating. However, rest assured that general anesthesia is quite safe. There’s no greater risk of anything going wrong. It’s a safe anesthetic, reliable, and helps a patient go through the surgery with no pain.

The Boob Job Appears Completely Natural

Another common concern that women are afraid of is whether their bust will appear unnatural or have a natural look. For most, it has to deliver results that don’t look strange, but rather give a natural touch. However, if you choose a board-certified surgeon, this should not be a concern for you. Rest assured that your surgeon will first examine your figure, and choose implants that will be the right size and shape to match your figure and of course, your figure goals. This will ensure that your boobs look completely natural. You should not worry about how your boobs will appear, but it is advisable that you go for a size that will appear more natural, rather than a larger size.

Post Surgery Pain Is Normal, But Temporary

As mentioned above, post breast augmentation, you will most probably not feel any pain because of the effects of anesthesia. However, after the breast augmentation in Atlanta, feeling mild to moderate pain is completely normal. Within a day or two after the surgery, the pain will increase, and it is best you turn to the medicines that your surgeon prescribes. You may feel pain in the incisions, and the boob, but rest assured this is just temporary.

Yes, being afraid before any cosmetic surgery is a natural feeling, but now that you this information with you, it should help to take you through the process swiftly. It’s not a problematic surgery, and rest assured that once you recover, the results would be long-lasting.

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