10 signs you should replace your carpet

There’s no doubt that with the right maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your carpet. But with constant foot traffic and activities which cause the carpet fibers to become torn, frayed, worn out, and looking old, time will come when you will eventually need to change your carpet and replace it with a new one.

Here are 10 signs that will help you know if it’s probably time to replace your carpet with a new one. And if you think your carpet is still usable and just want a professional cleaning to it, get David’s Carpet Cleaning service.

  1. Stubborn stains that won’t come off

Some stains can be removed by professional carpet cleaning, but some stains stick forever. If the stain is minor and conceivable, it can be hidden with furniture. But if the damage by the stain is permanent and messy, then you should probably consider getting a new carpet.

  1. A foul odor that won’t go away

A lot of things could be responsible for your carpet having a bad odor. For example, food particles spilled coffee or other drinks, piss from your kids or pet, etc. Usually, after cleaning, your carpet should have a sweet and fresh smell, but if the odor persists after cleaning, then you should probably replace it with a new one.

  1. Increased Allergies

Carpets are good landing spots for dust, pollen, pet hairs, and even bacteria. If you have allergies or suffering from asthma, the condition can be excavated by the build-up of these particles in your carpet, causing you discomfort. If you notice some of the allergic symptoms you always have when you’re in your room persist after you’ve cleaned your carpet, then you need to save yourself from the discomfort of constant sneezing and coughing by changing your carpet.

  1. Excess accumulation of mold

Accidental spills on carpets are common. But most often, these spills are not properly dried. As a result, molds may develop which brings about bad smells or may cause allergic reactions. In this case, people living in the house, especially kids are at risk of getting sick from inhaling germs hidden in your carpet.

Usually, the first line of action is to hire a professional carpet cleaner, but if the mold is irreversible, they can advise you to get a new carpet.

  1. If you want a new style

Carpets add color and style to your room. If you’re considering changing things and giving your room a total makeover, then replacing your carpet is a good place to start.

  1. The age of the carpet

Carpets usually have a lifespan of 5 – 15  years from the time they are installed in the house. Most people don’t consider changing their carpet until after 10 years. No matter the level of maintenance, your carpet will eventually get old and become faded. If your carpet has stayed up to 10 years, then you should consider giving your room a fresh look by changing it.

  1. Visible damage

Causes of damage on carpets can range from burns or damages caused by molds. If the damaged area is small, it can easily be concealed. But if the damaged area is so obvious and inconcealable, then you should get a new carpet.

  1. Deteriorated padding

Paddings are components that are built beneath the fabric of the carpet. Its function is to add texture and insulation to the carpet. It also protects your carpet by absorbing spills,  preventing them from reaching the floor. If the padding has deteriorated, you should consider getting a new one.

  1. Severe water damage

Because the carpet is in contact with the floor, carpets are often victims of flooding or plumbing accidents. If it’s clean water that damaged your carpet, then you can soak up the water and allow the carpet to dry before using it again, but if it’s black water, you need to replace it with a new one because even if it’s dried, I can still carry a lot of bacteria and mold.

  1. Fading in many places

As the carpet gets older, it will naturally fade with constant usage and cleaning. If it becomes necessary to dye your carpet so that it will look better, then you should consider getting a new one.

No matter how much you love it, your carpet isn’t going to last forever. If you still want your room to dazzle, you should consider getting a new carpet in any of the conditions mentioned here.

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