3 Common Problems With PDF File Types (And How to Fix Them)

Are you in a line of work where you’ve got to use pdf file types frequently? If so, it would also be helpful for you to understand some of the issues that people commonly face when working with pdfs and how to avoid them.

That’s what we’re here to do. We’re going to list for you some of the most common pdf files and the issues that people have when creating them and how to avoid it.

Let’s get right into this list of issues and fixes so you can get back to creating your pdfs.

  1. Using the Wrong Resolution

You’ve seen those photos where the resolution is so low that it makes the image appear grainy and distorted? The reason for this is the proper resolution wasn’t selected before the pdf file was created.

If you find that your having issues ensuring that an image is clear, there are a couple of ways that you can fix this. The first is to ensure that the original image was taken with a quality camera.

And the second option is to set the resolution higher to ensure that the end result comes out the way you want it. It may take a couple of tries to get the image correct, but you’d rather be safe than sorry, especially when sending the pdf to others.

  1. Not Embedding Your Fonts

When you’re being held to a deadline and have to turn a project that you’re working on in the last thing you want to do is forget to embed your fonts. This means that once you send the pdf and it’s opened by someone else, the fonts and writing you’ve placed on the image will be missing.

This will show poorly on you because it seems as if you’re not dedicated the necessary amount of time to do your work correctly. When you don’t embed your font, it can also cause problems when it comes to the spacing of the lettering that you’ve included.

Before sending off the final pdf, take the time to check and embed each of your fonts so that it’s not lost when you send it off.

  1. Overprint

This is the issue in which the image you’re viewing on your desktop isn’t’ the same image that’s going to be printed. But, there’s a way to solve this before you send the image to the printers, and that’s by using the production tool offered in pdf.

Or you can choose to set overprint mode so that overprinting doesn’t happen to you. In general, when creating a pdf, you’re going to want to check out more info here to ensure you know what you’re doing before you begin creating pdfs.

PDF File Types: Issues Avoided

When it comes to the issues people face when working with pdf file types, you can avoid some of the most common ones by reading our list and checking your work. Trust us taking the time to review what you’ve done will save you time and lots of frustration.

Now that you know how to avoid pdf issues, take some time to scroll through some of our other posts.

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