3 Key Signs Your Home May Need Foundation Repair

Sure, everyone knows that buying a home is expensive. But aside from the down payment, mortgage, property taxes, and insurance policies, you also have to factor in the cost of home maintenance. The average American spends around $5000 a year on repairs. But you can expect to pay a lot more than this for large repair projects, such as roof replacement or foundation repair. 

The foundation is possibly the most crucial aspect of your home. If anything goes wrong with your foundation it can compromise your home’s entire structure. 

But what are the signs that your foundation is in need of repair? Keep reading for our top foundation repair tips!

1. Uneven Floors and Walls

Sagging floors and bowing walls are key signs that repairing your foundation should be top of your to-do list. You might notice that your floors are uneven if objects roll across the floor with ease, or if you hear rattling noises or creaky floorboards when you walk. 

As for uneven walls, you’ll need to hire LUX Foundation Services to investigate and repair the issue before your home’s walls start to bow too much. Beyond three inches and foundation, professionals will have to install wall anchors to straighten them. Or, in a worst-case scenario, you might even have to excavate and rebuild part of the foundation. 

Over time, concrete slabs, including sidewalks, pool decks, and driveways, can become un-level for various reasons, including invasive tree roots, drainage problems, and problems with expansive soil. However, they can easily be lifted again via a minimally-invasive procedure known as slabjacking.

Brick Wall Repair is often required when you observe these issues. These signs shouldn’t be ignored, as they can indicate serious structural problems in your home’s foundation. If left unaddressed, foundation issues can lead to costly and extensive repairs down the road. 

2. Sticking Windows and Doors

When your home’s foundation becomes compromised, doors and windows will start to stick and won’t close properly. You might also notice gaps at the top of your doors, which is usually a sign that the foundation has shifted and settled. 

Many people would overlook sticking doors and windows, considering them to be small issues that are due to the recent damp weather or a door jamb that needs adjusting. But, one of our top tips for repairing foundations is to never dismiss these signs, no matter how minor they seem. Your doors and windows might be sticking because of a sinking foundation, which is definitely not a minor issue. 

3. Cracks in the Drywall

Cracks in your drywall could be a sign of a leaking roof or excess moisture due to the humid climate you live in. But if these aren’t to blame, there’s a good chance that you could be dealing with foundation issues. 

While these cracks alone may not be conclusive evidence of an uneven foundation, they’re a clear indication that you need to start checking for other signs of potential foundation damage. For example, if you see cracks in your drywall and notice that you have a lot more bugs in your home than usual, or walls that are separating from the house, it could be time to find out how to repair your foundation before it’s too late. 

Key Signs You Need Foundation Repair

When it comes to foundation repair, there is more than one way to tackle the problem. But foundation repair is not something that can be done as DIY – only professionals can do it. Foundation repair requires years of experience and specialized tools.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t waste time wondering, “should I repair my foundation?” Delaying foundation repair is one of the biggest home maintenance mistakes out there. Not least because the problem will only get worse and a whole lot more expensive to fix if you leave it too long. 

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