4 Best Bedroom Paint Colors (2022)

Paint can transform a room and even the way you feel in it. It can lift your spirits, cause you to smile, and make you excited to relax in your home after a long day at work.

Buying new house furnishings is exciting and nerve-wracking, all rolled into one. First comes the fun part of picking out your favorite pieces so you can turn your house into your palace. To make sure you make the best choices possible, research the latest bedroom paint colors and designs.

Finding the best bedroom paint colors for your home is more complex than contemplating what you have on your bedroom walls now. Many elements must be considered, from home furniture decorations to various people spending time in the bedroom.

Keep reading to find the best bedroom paint colors for 2022.

1. Bold Blends

Consider daring options for those ready to leap and make a bold statement. You can paint vibrant walls in fiery reds and oranges, bold blues and purples, or sunny yellows and greens. Pops of bright colors are best balanced with neutrals to avoid overwhelming the space.

For a more subtle approach, paint an accent wall and pair it with soft neutrals such as beige, cream, or light grey. Consider additional design elements such as wallpaper or artwork to coordinate with your choice of paint. Bold blends of bedroom paint offer the opportunity to create an exciting and unique bedroom that inspires mood-lifting vibrancy.

2. Coastal Hues

The best bedroom design for coastal hues is soft cool blue tones with accents of white and cream. The blue colors should be light and airy, depicting the calming aspects of the beach. If you desire the feel of the beach, a mix of blues and greens will create an atmosphere of an aqua lagoon.

These colors are applicable as an all-over hue, accent wall, or in various furniture, artwork, or cottage accessories. Adding pops of sandy beige will help create a cozy beach look or adding shades of navy can give a room a more refined, sophisticated feeling.

3. Eclectic Accent Colors

If you are looking for an eclectic style, you can use accent colors that contrast with the primary wall color to create an exciting and unexpected look. Some great accent colors are bright yellow, lavender, electric blue, and even bold stripes. You can also add complementary accent pieces to your bedroom, such as throw pillows and stools in an array of bright colors.

4. Earthy Color Combos

Earth tones have been popular in bedroom d├ęcor for years and are still top choices today. Earth tones aren’t just calming; they’re also classic and versatile. For a timeless bedroom look, opt for a warm white base shade with beige and brown hues in the form of a rug, blanket, and curtains.

You can add a few touches of brass and an antique chaise for luxury. These colors are also perfect for those who have a walnut storage bed in their room.

Look for the Perfect Bedroom Paint Colors

In conclusion, 2022 is the perfect year to freshen your bedroom with exciting paint colors. From vibrant yellows to calming blues and neutrals, there are several options for your bedroom color. For the best results, consult a home improvement professional to ensure you implement the latest trends correctly.

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