4 Most Common Plumbing Issues and How Plumbers Fix Them

The City of Sydney has approximately 26.15 square kilometers. In the past decade, the city saw its fastest and most significant growth. Now, this metropolis in New South Wales has one of the highest real estate prices globally. 

Despite that, many people are still converging there in search of greener pastures. Sydney, especially its upper north shore, has a mixture of new and old buildings. 

Aside from real estate, most people living in Sydney also spend big on emergency plumbing. It may sound surprising, but people in the area are very conscious about their properties’ plumbing needs. 

Whenever plumbing issues arise, people immediately address the matter to the trusted and reliable companies for plumbing in Upper North Shore Sydney.

But, what are the most common plumbing issues? Here is a closer look at the most common plumbing problems and how plumbing experts deal with them: 

1. Blocked Drains

Making it to the number one on this list of the most common plumbing problems is blocked drains. Despite being that common, blocked drains are not that easy to fix. It requires extra care considering that it can lead to more significant problems such as flooding and leaking if not repaired properly. 

When you contact companies offering plumbing in Upper North Shore, Sydney, you can see that the experts use a specially designed camera to locate the cause of the blockage. Aside from that, they also utilize other drain cleaning technologies which accurately fix the problem with ease. 

2. Gas Pipe Leak

Gas leaks are probably the most dangerous plumbing problem there is. It will not just damage properties but can also claim lives. Although gas companies that operate the gas pipeline in New South Wales conduct regular maintenance and safety precautions, there are still instances of gas leaks, especially in rural areas. With this in mind, plumbing experts usually send in their certified gas fitters to provide the most viable solution to this problem. They typically use detectors to locate the leak and patch it up for good. 

3. Clogged Toilet

If you experience slower than usual toilet flushes, then it is probably clogged. Clogged toilets are not a new problem for any house owner. However, it is one of the most manageable plumbing issues that a plumber can fix. Similar to clogged drains, plumbing experts insert their small cameras in the pipe to determine what causes the clog and apply drain clearing solutions.

4. Rusty Water Pipes

Many of Sydney’s heritage houses and old buildings suffer from deterioration because of age. One of the most affected is the water pipes which usually suffer from rusting and corrosion. Rust can easily affect these pipes, spoiling the quality of the water supply in the household. Rusty water pipes can be noticed when the water flowing out of the faucet comes with small particles or has a reddish color. With this in mind, plumbers require pipe refitting, especially in areas where the corrosion and rust are worst. 

Currently, 5.3 million people live in Sydney, and chances are, each of them deals with either a minor or a major plumbing issue at their home or office. Also, they are experiencing either of the four most common plumbing problems mentioned above. The bottom line is that people should proactively consult a plumber, especially a licensed plumber, rather than fixing their plumbing problems on their own, which could worsen the effects. 

Plumbers, in general, have the knowledge, equipment, and skills to deal with all sorts of plumbing issues. Thus, it would be best to consult a plumber than making DIY solutions when it comes to plumbing problems. 

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