5 Legal Steps You Need to Take Following Your Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents accounted for 14% of traffic fatalities in 2017. This is a harsh reality that makes it vital for motorcyclists to maintain an extra level of preparation in case of an accident. By following this five-step guide, you’ll get through your motorcycle accident safely and efficiently.

1. Check for Injuries

The first and most crucial step is to check yourself and other drivers for injuries. If anyone is in critical condition and requires immediate medical attention, everyone involved should focus on getting them to a hospital as soon as possible.

Make sure each vehicle gets moved as far away from traffic as possible. While this isn’t always possible, an accident scene in the middle of a busy road is dangerous for everyone involved. If you can’t move any of the vehicles, then prioritize the safety of yourself and the other drivers by moving away from traffic.

2. Call the Police

Once everyone is safe and accounted for, call the police. Even if the accident is minor, it’s crucial to collect an official accident report for your lawyer and the insurance company.

The police will examine the scene of the accident and question both you and the other driver. After that, they document the accident and assess which driver was negligent. In most cases, the person who caused the accident will receive a citation.

3. Examine and Record the Damage

While you’re waiting for the police, it’s vital to gather all of the information you’ll need for yourself, your lawyer, and your insurance company. After recording the other driver’s insurance information, take some time to inspect the damage of your motorcycle.

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos. The more evidence you gather, the more likely you’ll receive a fair motorcycle accident settlement. If possible, record video footage of the accident too.

4. Get an Attorney

An experienced accident attorney helps ensure you get the right compensation from your accident. Whether you were the negligent driver or not, accident attorneys also help represent you during a court case and provide helpful legal guidance.

Getting an attorney is especially helpful if you required extensive medical care after the accident. The attorney will try to help ease the financial burden of medical attention with a proper settlement.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

It’s required that you call your insurance company if you were at-fault in the accident. With the help of your extensive evidence and personal summary of the accident, your insurance company will help you file a claim for the damage to your vehicle.

Be sure to share the claim with your attorney, who will assess whether you’re getting fair compensation. Your insurance company will ask questions about the accident, so prepare to share the speed you were driving, the weather conditions, and more.

Accidents Happen

Unfortunately, a motorcycle accident can happen to anyone at any moment. If you’re in this situation, following this guide helps guarantee your safety and the safety of the other driver.

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