5 Reasons You Need to Move to Idaho ASAP

Did you know that Hell’s Canyon, partially located in Western Idaho, is 7,993 feet deep? It takes the place of the deepest river gorge in the country!

Why move to Idaho? Well because there are many beautiful places to see. Hell’s Canyon is just one on a long list.

This guide will explain some of the best reasons. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Low Cost of Living 

If you’re looking for reasons to move to Idaho you can start by comparing the low cost of living in Idaho to any other city or town. If your dream of owning a home sounds too unattainable in another state you can find an affordable home to settle down in when you move to Idaho.

  1. Great Outdoor Activities 

There are many benefits of living in Idaho but one of the greatest is all of the wonderful outdoor activities you can try when you move here. With so many rivers and the most miles of whitewater rivers, whitewater rafting and kayaking are some of the most popular activities.

Idaho is also located relatively close to one of the nation’s most beloved national parks. Yellowstone’s Western Gateway is located 20 miles from Idaho.

  1. Education Is a Priority 

If you’re still asking yourself, why live in Idaho? You’ll be happy to hear that education is of utmost importance in the state. This is another great benefit if you have children or if you’re looking to go back to college.

There are many state colleges and universities offering bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. Boise State is located in the capital of Idaho. Idaho State and the University of Idaho are other great schools to attend.

  1. It’s One of the Safest States 

When looking for the best places to live in Idaho you can’t go wrong no matter which city or town you choose to live in. Idaho is one of the safest states to live in because it has a low crime rate, one of the lowest in the country.

Idaho is also known for its friendly residents. You’re more than likely to find great neighbors willing to offer a helping hand when you need it.

  1. There Are Many Job Opportunities 

When looking for where to live in Idaho you might consider a place in the state capital, Boise. You might think you’ll find better job opportunities in a growing city like Boise but the truth is the entire state offers great job opportunities if you’re looking to relocate.

Idaho has a seen growth in residents in the last few years because of growing work opportunities.

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Why Move to Idaho? All the Reasons Explained 

Why move to Idaho? A few of the many great reasons are on this list. Plenty of job opportunities and outdoor activities are some of the perks of moving to this great state.

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