6 reasons why custom t-shirts make a difference

Some of the most iconic t-shirts like ‘Three Wolf Moon’ and ‘Bob Marley’ have one thing in common: they are both t-shirt design phenomena. You will see new fashion trends each season. At present, the popular trends include t-shirts with strong statements, book designs and so on. Whether it is a plain oversized tee or a graphic one, they are adored by people of all ages. According to the latest report, demand for custom tees has grown rapidly in the past few years. Additionally, the global market is set to cross 10 billion US dollars by 2025. Many Hollywood celebrities wear them to either set the trend or spread a social message. Also, many brands try to spread awareness through this garment. Stop Kony, MuteRKelly, and other movements are some classic examples. Read on to know why customised t-shirts can make a difference by proving to be a better marketing tool.

  1. It is economical to print t-shirts in bulk: Customised tees can be a great gift to many clients and guests. It is more economical to print them in bulk since the cost per piece lowers down as a brand. Moreover, the total amount to be spent will fall immensely.
  2. It is more environmentally friendly: The traditional means of marketing include brochures, newspaper ads, hoardings, etc. T-shirts are made up of biodegradable materials. Additionally, it has got a larger lifespan than any other marketing product. Hence, many environmentalists concur that they are more environment-friendly than the traditional means of marketing. Well, you might find people roaming around the streets wearing this garment with the name of the brand or slogan. But once the novelty reduces, many prefer wearing them as gym wear or nightwear. Some even consider handing it down or donating, which increases the brand exposure further. Whatever the case may be, if you think about it, this garment solves the purpose of the brand or movement by reaching out to the public.
  3. It is recognisable in marketing campaigns: In many marketing campaigns or social movements, merchandise is created and distributed among the public during the events. One of the forms of expressing yourself is promoting a cause. When you print and distribute the garments, you can spread a social message in your events and raise funds or generate income. Events like a national marathon and district charity run require t-shirts to promote their cause. Hence, it is more recognisable than any other merchandise for marketing and social movements.
  4. It is great for initiating conversations: Tees are great conversation starters. When you travel in any mode of public transport or a shared cab, you might wear them and strike a conversation. Most of your discussions can be about a social movement or a brand if you wear the garment that promotes the cause.
  5. It leaves a long-lasting impression: You can get customised merchandise for your employees, associates, and partners to feel included in the firm when it comes to your brand. In case you have a start-up, you can wear them with your brand name when you visit the investors. Well, you can leave a long-lasting impression about your dedication to the brand.
  6. It works across every sector and demographic: Some brands target youth, whereas others target uber-rich and upper-middle strata. You might have to plan different strategies for different age groups and demographics when it comes to traditional marketing. However, customised tees can reach all age groups. In case your brand creates cool and fashionable tees, it is more likely that people will start wearing them. Hence, you can create and customise the t-shirt design online before making it available to everyone. Although most of the youth might have little or no knowledge about the movements, they might wear them to look “cool” or “woke” in front of their friends. So, they do make a difference in the world.

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