7 Surprising Ways Pemf Machines Can Affect Your Health

The issues that humanity is facing are becoming more and more complex every day. What used to be a rare disease a hundred years ago, is now a common one. But as the complexities of disease are changing so is the technology in the medical field. 

Now more than ever we are capable of creating a fine balance between modern technology and medical science. Engineers are working with doctors and vice versa. All to improve the medical capability and technological capability of human beings. 

But the issue this amalgamation of technology and medicine is having is of increased side effects. The increased use of electricity, radiation, and artificial intelligence although increased the capability of medical healing has also been causing a tad bit of harm in terms of some negative effects on the human body. 

Continuous research and development are going on to reduce these effects. This continuous research has given wonderful equipment that helps in muscle recovery and self-healing. This equipment is known as the PEMF machine. 

What are PEMF machines? 

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. A PEMF machine is a tool for therapy that enhances cellular communication in the body through vibrations. This cellular communication leads to a better position of the body in terms of its capability to self-heal. 

One of the biggest places where it’s been used is in the therapy of muscle recovery. Apart from that, it is also used for treating autoimmune diseases and other cognitive diseases. Particularly the ones that lead to infection, injury, and autoimmune defects in the body. 

Benefits of PEMF machines

  1. Increases healing- 

The basic idea of using PEMF technology for healing is that these machines create better cellular communication. Our body has its cellular stimulation, the only thing that these wonderful machines do is to enhance that stimulation. To simply put, it helps the body to create its frequency vibrations for better healing. A PEMF heated pillow is used to create small microcurrents in the affected area of the body so that these currents can lead to better cellular communication. 

  1. Reduces inflammation and pain- 

PEMFs technology is used with the purpose of reducing the muscle inflammation that occurs due to the tiring of that muscle. This inflammation is caused due to the extensive usage and stress on that muscle. The research led to the conclusion that PEMF leads to the elimination of the inflammatory cells known as T lymphocytes. 

  1. Stress- 

There is no doubt that the lifestyle of the present day has become highly stressful. The doctors have associated a lot of problems being caused by stress. PEMF has been found to reduce the stress in the brain and body if used regularly. The vibration causes the body to relax. Using a PEMF heated pillow after your day’s schedule can lead to stress reduction. 

  1. Reduces blood clots- 

The microcurrents that the machine sends through the body reduce the blood clots in our body. Also, it eliminates the possibility of small blood clots in our bodies. PEMF is highly effective in improving the blood flow in the body because of its ability to enhance cellular communication. 

  1. Detoxification- 

The reduced stress and blood clots naturally lead to energizing of the cells. There is no particular threshold when it comes to the health of our cells. The PEMF is found to be a great solution to rejuvenate the cells in our body. This is the detoxification benefit of this machine. 

  1. Depression-

The research is still going on as to what are the positive effects of PEMF heated pillow on brain activity. Although preliminary research has shown that when the brain cells are stimulated using this technology, this, in turn, leads o a reduction in depression.

  1. Preventive usage- 

Apart from healing and recovering from the existing damages, this machine is also found to be useful in disease prevention. The researchers have concluded that regular usage of this machine can lead to the prevention of certain issues like anxiety, depression, and muscle damage. 

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