7 Things To Consider When Redecorating Your Child’s Bedroom

It’s common for parents to feel like their child grew overnight. Suddenly the cute outfit you got for them only a month ago no longer fits, or they’ve already lost interest in the new game you brought.

As many things must change as your child grows, redecorating their bedroom is also an important step. Although when or how you do it ultimately depends on individual factors like budget, time, and preferences—it still helps to get a few ideas beforehand.

Besides providing comfort, your child’s bedroom must be pleasing and enduring for them and you. If you browse books or websites on children’s bedroom décor, you’ll doubtlessly come across several million ideas. However, these primarily focus on the aesthetics and your child’s current interests, which, while important, are probably not going to last long-term. Besides several other elements, your location can also have a vital influence on your choices. For instance, in cities such as Rathdrum, Idaho, where summers are short, and winters are freezing, the proper structure and style for the room are crucial.

So, while you may have plans to redecorate the room, here is a list of things you must consider before starting.

1. Know what to keep

Before starting the redecoration, thoroughly go to your child’s bedroom and list what goes and what stays. You can’t design a room unless you have the proper space, and getting rid of things that are no longer useful is the first step.

Empty the room as much as possible so you understand how much space you must work with. Since living in places like Rathdrum means risking terrible weather conditions, keeping your belongings in proper storage is ideal. If you’re looking for the best storage units Rathdrum Idaho has many facilities that have worry-free stowage, security surveillance, plenty of space, and 24/7 unit access.

2. Functionality

The bedroom is used for more than just sleeping or resting. Think about how your child will use the room and select furniture and accessories according to that. 

If your kid enjoys reading, consider adding a nook in the corner with shelves and window cushions to make a reading corner. Other children may prefer an art corner or a study table, so you can decorate based on that.

Kids are curious by nature, and it may help designate a space for puzzles, games, or other activities to encourage their learning. Whatever you decide to add, stay flexible with the idea so you can repurpose the room without any significant alterations when your child’s interests change.

3. Maximizing space for storage

Children have a lot of things, and regardless of how often you get rid of the stuff they’ve outgrown, there’s always more to replace it. And so, to maximize all potential space for storage, you must be smart about how you redecorate the room. For example, you could invest in storage containers that fit under your child’s bed. You can store seasonal clothing, toys, and other items that are not used regularly in these containers.

Benefiting from vertical spaces, such as by installing cabinets and shelves on walls, is also wise. You can use these to store kids’ books, games, toys, and other knickknacks. You can also maximize closet spaces by placing additional shelves and expanding storage space for your child’s belongings.

4. Proper lighting

Proper lighting in your child’s bedroom is essential for their health, safety, and well-being. It can help promote better sleep since too much light can disrupt their sleep, while too little might scare them. Natural light can also enhance mood and productivity, so it’s essential to consider how much light comes through the windows during the day. It also helps with visual development since bright natural light stimulates it while staying in constant dimness may cause eye strain.

Adequate lighting prevents your child from getting injured by ensuring they can move around safely. If your child gets scared at night or has a habit of waking up in the middle of the night, you might want to consider installing a night light.

5. Durability

Children constantly run, jump, or bounce around on the bed, chair, table, or bench. They can be hard on the furniture or other accessories in the room, so they must be durable and sturdy enough to withstand it. Poorly made stuff isn’t just prone to wear and tear but also poses a risk of falling or breaking if a child hangs from or jumps on it. Since buying new furniture is often considered a long-term investment, you want to get the best out of it, so you must never compromise on its quality.

Besides furniture, redecorate the room with easily washable carpets, curtains, and rugs. Ensure tables, walls, and windows have easy-to-wipe surfaces so cleaning the room isn’t a hassle later.

6. Keeping it safe

Your child’s safety must be paramount when picking out furniture and other room decorations. Sharp edges, mirrors or glass, heavy picture frames, and exposed sockets—are all potential hazards in a child’s bedroom. Use window latches to keep them from opening more than 10 cm, allowing ventilation in the room without posing any risk to the child.

Additionally, while getting a bunk bed may be tempting to save space, avoid buying one if your child is under five. There’s a risk of falling when climbing up or down the ladder, and it’s better to wait until your kid is a little older before getting one.

7. Age and interests

Another essential thing to consider when redecorating is your child’s age and interests. Although these keep changing, basing your initial idea on them is ideal for making your child love the room. If your kid’s still young, consider picking a color or theme that is more neutral and can grow with them over time. For instance, if they love sports, create a sports-themed room with appropriate accessories, linens, and wall décor. Similarly, if they like animals, you can paint a few animals on the walls, place relevant toys around the room, or get other matching knickknacks.

If your child’s old enough, involve them in the redecorating process. Bounce ideas off them and ask them to pick the wall paint or curtains to create a space they’ll love and be proud of.


When you provide your child with a safe space to learn, rest, and enjoy, they will feel confident as they grow. It will even allow you to become a better parent and guardian. Therefore, redecorating your child’s bedroom is the perfect time to let your creativity flow, explore new ideas, and have fun! And with these tips above to guide you, you’ll know how to stay on track.

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