8 Fundamentals about Games at Home you didn’t know

We all know that feeling. The day you have been waiting for because you are hosting a game like poker in your house and all your friends are coming over to play and try their luck at the game. Everything needs to be taken care of, you have to set the table, get the alcoholic drinks, beer most preferably, to set up the vibe of the game night. You got the snacks and grilled the finest barbecue. A perfect setting isn’t it? Well almost, because as long as you don’t check these parts of the poker game setup, it won’t be a perfect game night.

  • Know the game

As a host, the most important part of your job is to get hold of the game. At a gathering, the last thing you want people to get confused and look through the smartphones trying to understand the rules. If not all, learn the basic things about hand ranking, the bet flows, and the dos and don’ts.

  • Make it clear whether it’s a serious or a social game night

Poker is quite a competitive game, which requires a high range of skills and precision. So if you want a casual night, you have to make it clear that it’s a fun night where the rules are relaxed and any chances of potential clashes between two players can be resolved in the bud.

  • The table set-up and the chips

Although there are plenty of options available online to get tables for a game of poker, a large table or a dining table can be quite ideal to set up a poker table. If you want a table for other games like ping pong, snooker, etc, then you can contact bestgametables.com.  But if you want to buy an actual poker table, Triton tables would be your best bet. The chips come in four colors – blue (least value), white, green and red (most value)

  • Set up rules for your house 

You need to establish strict rules in the house to maintain decorum during the gameplay. The rules can be about player etiquettes or any special rules you want to introduce in the gameplay. The players must know about it.

  • Make sure that the game night is consistent

Once you host a game night at your house, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it remains consistent and regular game nights are being hosted at your house. You can set it up for weekly, bi-weekly, or can plan it like once a month event. Make sure that you send out invites and mails at least two weeks prior to the game night.

  • Food and drinks

Now coming to the most important part about hosting a poker night. It’s actually not a secret that most of your guests who come to play would most likely just want to eat the offerings and chug up some beer rather than having the actual game. So make sure that food and drinks don’t fall short.

  • Time for pick and end

Now, this might not seem very important at first but setting up a predetermined end time is really necessary. If we set up an end time for the game, there would be a sense of competition and seriousness amongst those who have come to play. It is generally advised that the time is decided after consulting with the players involved in the game so that everyone has a basic idea about when to start and till when to continue.

  • Don’t forget to enjoy your time

You can’t forget that the sole purpose of setting up a poker night at home is for everyone to enjoy their time. Set up the atmosphere of the game night by putting on good music and then wait for your friends to come up. Now that all is set, have a great and happy poker night.

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