9 Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Ignore

A home is your sanctuary and a place of comfort. Whether you have a new or old home, it occasionally requires maintenance. While some maintenance tasks like painting the fence or mowing the lawn can be postponed, you can’t ignore others like a clogged toilet or leaked drain. It may seem unpleasant, but we all know how important it is to fix these issues timely. Just like that, there could be more issues in your home that could need your immediate attention. 

Remember, owning a well-maintained house is the biggest investment in today’s competitive market, let alone living comfortably, so protecting your home from recurring damage is necessary. To help you with that, we will discuss the nine home repairs you shouldn’t ignore in this article.

1. Plumbing Issues

There are several plumbing issues that we often ignore. For instance, you might notice how water pressure has decreased over time, the water from your faucet could be yellowish or brown, or you might see moisture on the wall or floor where water pipes are embedded. Water leakage from any pipes or faucets can be a real problem for a lot of homeowners. 

The water pipes could become rusty and damaged in the winter season. Thus, if you notice a regular leakage from your faucet or any water pipe, fixing it before it damages your floor, walls, or other furniture is better. Also, always seek the assistance of experienced professionals like Bellows Service to fix the issue and avoid repeated occurrences in the long run. 

2. Clogged Toilets & Drains

The water pipes are not the only thing that causes water leakage or bursting. Sometimes, your clogged toilets and overflowing drains could cause leakage and smell within the home. Usually, you can fix your toilet with the help of a plunger. However, if you notice that your water drains slowly or your toilet is getting clogged frequently, it indicates that you need a professional’s help. 

3. Damp Basement

Water can damage any part of your home if you let it seep through. Unfortunately, the basements tend to get affected more easily. Whether it is just moisture from the rainy season or a constant pipe leakage, it needs to be fixed because, after a while, your basement will stink. One way to avoid this is to install gutters and downspout extension channels in the basement to keep the water away. 

However, just clean them occasionally because they could also get clogged with leaves and buildup. Also, if the basement is not dry, the moisture can spread to the home’s foundation and wall and cause mold.  

4. Mold 

Climate plays a big role when it comes to moisture. The humidity in the atmosphere allows mold to grow on walls, roofs, and even floors. So whenever there is a water leakage or moisture, do not neglect it or be prepared to face mold. It may not be visible, so check under the rugs, carpets, inside the closets, kitchen cabinets, bathroom walls, and even on the roof and ceiling in black or green color. 

Mold is also considered a health hazard, so it is best to have it removed by professionals. However, use preventive measures to avoid it all. 

5. Roof Repair

The roof of your home is as much as important as the foundation of your home. The roof tends to absorb moisture, and if there has been some damage, you might notice some leakage in your ceiling. So, after a rainy season, it is necessary to check its condition and fix the damage. A few shingles and spots could take a few hundred dollars, but replacing an entire roof could cost you thousands. 

Also, make sure to clean out exhaust vents and chimneys. Don’t forget to check your attic for any mold or moisture. Remove the mold or any buildup shrug from the roof tiles, as it can cause damage to the structure.   

6. HVAC Service 

The HVAC is the ultimate need of your home. It is responsible for heat, ventilation, and air conditioning in your home, so if any of them is disturbed, it means you have to pay a heavy cost to get it fixed. That’s why it is best to do its service every six months. Also, having it checked by a professional would ensure it is working efficiently and your bills are not high.

7. Electrical Repair 

Electricity has become our necessity. All of our household appliances are electric, so having broken or dead sockets in the house wouldn’t be safe. Having circuit problems and breaker reset could also damage the appliances by high or low voltages. If you have an old house and your lights are always flickering, it might be time to replace the faulty wiring with energy-efficient wiring and lights. Moreover, divide the load of different appliances on different circuits by installing compatible sockets within the home. 

8. Gas Leakage

Although most kitchen appliances are electric, some people still have gas stoves. If you are one of those people, it is best to check the gas leakage occasionally. If your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are not working properly, fix them first to avoid any incident. 

Usually, it smells bad, but if the leakage is constant, it can cause pressure and lead to an explosion in the house. So, it is best to keep an eye on gas pipes. If you ever smell gas leakage, inform your gas company and have it fixed. Moreover, try to evacuate the home in case of gas leakage as soon as possible.

9. Pest and Termites 

Besides the moisture and mold, having pests, termites, bed bugs, mice, and cockroaches in the home is a big problem and shouldn’t be ignored. Not only does it cause damage to the structure of the home, but it also affects the health of the residents. They tend to keep growing if they are not killed properly. 

Many professional pest control services can be hired to clean the house from pests and termites. You might also need to have your kitchen appliances, rugs, and furniture cleaned.  

The Final Words

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that home repairs are costly, so keeping some money aside from your budget for emergency home repairs would be better. Also, check on all the home repairs discussed above to ensure you get them fixed timely and avoid unnecessary hassle in the long run. Moreover, avoid relying on temporary solutions to keep you going for too long. After all, as already stated, time is of the essence when you face any of these major home problems. Good luck! 

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