Be Different: 5 Good Reasons to Build a Flat Roof House

The biggest seller in the roofing industry isn’t cedar shingles, its built-up roofs for flat roofs. This roofing material is valued at some $700 million, according to data collected by BCC Research.

Flat roofs aren’t just for commercial properties; a flat roof house can offer features that a sloped roof can’t match.

Want to barbecue 14-feet off the ground? Well, there you go.

In the following article, we’ll break down the best reasons to go with a flat roof house and one thing you always need to keep your eye on.

1) Flat Roof House Curb Appeal

The flat roof style is hip. Modern and contemporary homes utilize these roofs. The style was first used by the ancient Egytians.

A lot of these flat roofs are not entirely flat. They’ll have up to a 10-degree angle. These structures emphasize glass, steel, and concrete to give them their wow factor. The flat roofs allow owners to install grass to absorb heat or to hide air conditioning and other mechanics to increase curb appeal.

2) Cheaper Materials

While the outside of your home will look like a million bucks with a flat roof, you won’t be spending that kind of money on roofing materials. These materials are typically hundreds of dollars less compared to sloped roofs. Materials range from gravel and tar to PVC, Thermoplastic Polyolefin, and rubber.

3) Quick to Install

As you no doubt know, it’s harder to fall off a flat surface. Therefore, a flat roof is a lot safer for a roofer to install and takes less time to complete per square foot. In most cases, there’s also a lot less set-up and take-down time, meaning your moving into your home even earlier.

4) Increases Outdoor Space

Besides the dollars and cents, the recreational opportunities for a flat roof are usually the main attraction. “Floating” decks are as easy to construct as a patio on the ground. Gardens, barbecues, lap pools, bars, and hot tubs are some of the possibilities. And they’ll all have a killer view!

Not only will a flat roof make your outside pop, but your insides too. Modern space efficiencies transfer over to the interior, especially with no eaves or attics. As you design your home, make sure to account for that loss of that extra storage space, especially if you’ve become accustomed to such spaces.

5) Easy Maintenance and Repair

Flat roofs are more accessible, so inspection and repair are cheaper and quicker. In many cases, maintenance and repair is a DIY affair. Gutters and drains are quickly cleared once the homeowner is on the roof. Experts estimate a flat roof can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years if properly maintained.

Watch the Water

A flat roof house works best in areas with minimal rain or snowfall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. If you desire a flat roof in a place where you experience a lot of rain, be on guard for ponding water.

Even a little bit of stagnate water left for an extended period can mean damage to the building below. Check drains and gutters if you experience a lot of precipitation, and you should be alright.

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