Best DVRs to Buy In 2021

Cord-cutting has become the latest trend when it comes to entertainment; however, even now numerous individuals are opposing the thought as it undermines the value of live content. The notion that streaming services including live channel options cannot replace the entirety of cable TV is justifiable as the content is restrictive and the costs of live streaming services are skyrocketing. Many experts say that cable TV might just revive itself if the audiences decide to be a little patient with it and understand the value of hundreds of channels they have had all their lives. Opposing viewpoints suggest that cable TV costs a lot; however, it does not cost as much as streaming plus live channels. Moreover, if flexibility is all that the streaming services provide, then Digital Video Recorders or DVRs provide ease of life, in the best manner. You are able to record and watch TV content whenever it might suit you through this powerful innovation. 

This article houses a list of the best DVRs so cable enthusiasts do not have to cut the cord just because of flexibility or costs. 


No. of storage capacity hours: 500 hours

No. of Tuners: 16

Hopper 3 conveys a sense of liberty and flexibility to watch anything you want at any time with the availability of its 16 tuners. This means that you can record a total of 16 different channels simultaneously and as per your schedule. If you have a large family or live in a dorm with your friends, this is an ideal option for you. Features like auto-skip commercials, in-built voice control, and 4K video quality make it an exciting choice. 

With DISH Hopper 3, you can record 2,000 hours of SD quality content or 500 hours of HD quality. This is something that not many DVRs can offer. It is compatible to work with Netflix and YouTube as well. It also displays a multi-view bar. 

The thing about Hopper 3 that might come off as a bother is that it can only be used if you have a DISH subscription. Another slight issue is that if you want to use it on multiple television, you would have to buy an extra DVR known as the Joey.

Amazon Fire TV Recast 

No. of storage capacity hours: 150 hours

No. of Tuners: 04

Amazon Fire TV Recast is an amazing choice for people who already have a ton of Amazon items especially Alexa and Amazon Fire TV stick. This Amazon DVR grants you to record news and TV shows, motion pictures, live sports, and everything else you want to record. At first, this DVR allows you to record two different channels at one and the same time, nonetheless, you can grow it to four by getting an upgrade. People who find two tuners enough would get 75 storage hours instead of 150 hours. 

This OTA DVR is compatible with Alexa and allows you to control it via voice commands. One best thing about Fire TV Recast is that it has no monthly subscription charges. 

The downsides of this DVR are that it can only work with an Amazon Fire TV Stick and does not offer an auto-skip option for commercials.

Optimum Cloud DVR Plus 

No. of storage capacity hours: 75 hours

No. of Tuners: 15

Like DISH, Optimum cable has also come up with its own DVR service to support its customers in the best way possible. For new and existing customers, Optimum Cloud DVR Plus has become a desirable device allowing them to record content on schedule and then watch at any given time. Unlike Hopper 3, you can use this DVR to record content on any television set stationed at home. Optimum Cloud DVR Plus, further, allows you to pause and rewind live content as well and that too at any time and any television in the home. 

One thing that might worry you is the storage capacity of 75 hours. However, it can record 15 different programs at the same time and the Optimum app makes its usage a bit too easy. The only thing that is required is an Optimum cable subscription. By the likes of its packages and plans, it is rather affordable and comes with an amazing channel lineup with premium channels in its base plan as well. When most other cable providers limit their customers with tuners or connected televisions, Optimum gives its customers the ultimate liberty; click here to explore more on the subject and see if this cable provider suits your choices in a better way. 

TiVo Edge 

No. of storage capacity hours: 300 hours

No. of Tuners: 06

TiVo Edge comes with an option to record six unique shows at the same time and allows you to record as much content as you want with its 300 storage hours. The QuickMode feature of TiVo Edge makes it possible for you to watch anything in a fast-forward routine; this feature comes in handy when you are short on time or need to just watch a bit of some show. 

Auto-skip commercial feature and the voice control remote makes it easy to manage the DVR while keeping the entertainment alive. You also get the option to download, stream, and manage content with TiVo Online or TiVo app. It is can work well with most of the cable providers and supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. 

TiVo Edge is not compatible with satellite or fiber TV. It does not have the capability to record streaming services’ content and requires you to install a CableCard costing around $4. Another downside is that it is not a one-time investment and after paying a hefty amount to purchase it, you would have to pay a monthly subscription as well.

Tablo Quad OTA DVR 

No. of storage capacity hours: 4,000 hours

No. of Tuners: 04

Do you need any other reason to buy it then the 4,000 HD hours? Although you do not, however, knowing that it is cheaper than most of the DVRs is a plus. Tablo Quad OTA DVR offers four tuners meaning that you can record four different channels at one time. It can work with Roku and has an amazing Dolby surround sound feature. The recordings you make do not have an expiry date. 

For acquiring advanced features, you would need to buy a subscription. Another downside is that it has no internal storage and so you would have to purchase an external hard drive that may cost a lot.

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