Birthday home decorating ideas

When organizing a holiday, not only a cake and gifts are important, but also a festively decorated room. This gives a special atmosphere to the holiday, cheers up all the participants of the celebration, and also makes the day bright and unforgettable. Do you want to customize your room for your birthday so that all guests will be delighted? Then read on, what ways are there for this.

One of the interesting decorations of the room can be a portrait of the birthday person. Thus, it will emphasize that this day is dedicated to the hero of the occasion.

You can make a garland with your own hands, where bright and happy moments from the birthday person’s life will be placed. So you can share a little happiness with others.

Another interesting idea is the production of small boxes, inside which you place balloons with the image of various funny stickers. Boxes can be painted with gouache or pasted with colored or craft paper.

It is worth paying attention to the details that give the spatial composition an exclusive look. So, for example, you can focus on decorative pillows that will give a special charm to the room. Just such pillows you can find here: AllAboutVibe

You can use gel balls. You attach birthday wishes to the ribbons from the balloons. This way you will create a small corner of joy. Or you can use balls in a grid. This structure is attached to the ceiling. Then you need to untie the net, the balls will scatter across the width of the ceiling, so it will resemble a multicolored rain. And if you want to give a romantic atmosphere to the day, then you should buy diode balls that will glow in the twilight. 

If a girl has a birthday, then you can organize a flower paradise. Arrange the flowers in the corners of the room, window sills, and tables. It is not only beautiful but also pleasant because the room will be filled with floral scents.

Another unusual idea is a tree with a wish. Cut out the silhouette of a tree from cardboard, and then attach it to the wall. Stick small paper leaves of any shape on the branches, on which the invited guests will write their congratulations to the hero of the occasion. 

To make the decorations look harmonious, you need to do everything in one style: the general style of cutlery, tablecloths, and napkins. However, you can place a distinctive detail near each plate, for example, some figurine, a name card, or a small gift for a guest.

This idea is more suitable for romantic people. In the room where the celebration will take place, make a path of small candles and balls that are attached to the floor. Alternate them, first the candle, then the ball, then the candle again, and so on. And then sprinkle the path with rose petals. The birthday person will be very pleased.

If the holiday is celebrated at home, you can allocate one room for a photo zone. There are many ways to do this. For example, you can make a frame of balls or flowers against the wall. Or if you have a beautiful sofa, you can focus on cute decorative pillows. Such pillows will definitely not remain inconspicuous. You can also add thematic attributes based on the hobbies of the birthday person and the style of the holiday. Or the classic option is to make a photo zone at the curtains with a balcony. There should be an inscription “Happy birthday” next to it. 

The next interesting idea is a big surprise balloon with helium, inside which you fill with sweets, rose petals, predictions, or shiny rain. You place this ball in the center of the room under the ceiling. And in the final part, when the celebration comes to an end, the hero of the occasion bursts this ball, and the contents fall out from there.

An important element in decorating a home is that it should emphasize a person’s status and be made in his favorite colors. The decor emphasizes the sphere of the birthday person’s hobby, and your favorite colors will add joy and confidence to him.

If you are a lover of minimalism and do not like excess, then decorate the room in one or two colors. It will look elegant and harmonious.

If the celebration takes place in the format of a buffet, then it is worth paying attention to treats. They are placed in a separate zone, and it is necessary that the path to this is free. Usually, treats are laid out on festive dishes, and drinks are served in the form of cocktails. And if you decorate the buffet area with unusual decorations, then it will attract the attention of guests and will be appreciated by them.


Birthday is already a great joy. Now imagine tripling that feeling with a properly decorated home!

By the way, don’t forget to make a small photo zone to capture the bright moment of your birthday forever!

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