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Builders Manawatu is a family-owned and operated building business based out of Palmerston North, New Zealand. With over 60 years of experience in the construction industry, Builders Manawatu has established itself as one of the premier building companies in the region. The company provides a wide range of services to clients including new builds and renovations, commercial builds, home maintenance, project management, and more. Their experienced team consists of qualified builders and tradesmen who are dedicated to providing quality workmanship at an affordable price. With their commitment to customer service and satisfaction, Builders Manawatu is sure to meet all your needs when it comes to building your dream home or business venture.

Geography and Natural Resources

Geography and natural resources go hand-in-hand when it comes to understanding the world around us. Geography is the study of the physical features of the Earth, including its landforms, climates, and resources. Natural resources are those that occur naturally in nature and can be taken advantage of by humans for economic gain. By understanding how geography and natural resources interact, we can better understand our environment and make informed decisions about how best to use these valuable assets.

The Earth’s physical geography plays a major role in determining which natural resources are available to us. For example, certain types of minerals are only found in certain areas due to their geological composition or topography. The same goes for plant life; some species may only be able to thrive in particular regions due to climate or soil conditions. Builders manawatu knows which areas contain what types of natural resources help us know where we should focus our efforts when looking for them, rather than wasting time searching for something that isn’t likely to exist there anyway. 

These geographical limitations also come into play when considering renewable sources of energy such as solar power or wind energy. Solar panels need direct sunlight, so locations with long winter nights won’t be able to generate as much electricity from this source as a location near the equator.

History of Manawatu

The Manawatu region of New Zealand is steeped in history, with its origins dating back to the late 13th century. The area has seen its fair share of battles and struggles over the years, but it has also been home to some of New Zealand’s most important historical figures. This article will provide a brief overview of the history of Manawatu.

The first people to inhabit the area now known as Manawatu were Māori tribes who came from their ancestral homeland in Hawaiki around 1250 AD. These tribes included Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Apa, and Ngati Kahungunu. They brought with them their own language and customs which have been maintained throughout modern times. In 1770, Captain James Cook arrived in the area and named it after an old Māori chief called ‘Manawatū’ from his observations during his early travels around the northern part of New Zealand’s North Island.

During the 19th century, British settlers arrived in large numbers looking for fertile land on which to establish farms and homesteads. These settlers were mostly farmers who had come from England seeking a better life for themselves and their families. 

Economy of Manawatu

The economy of Manawatu is an important part of the overall New Zealand economy, with a wide range of industries contributing to the region’s GDP. Located on the western coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Manawatu is a diverse region that offers numerous economic opportunities for its residents.

Agriculture and horticulture are two of Manawatu’s major industries, with a number of key crops being grown in the area. Dairy farming and sheep farming are also popular activities in this part of New Zealand, while forestry products account for another significant contribution to the local economy. In addition, tourism is becoming increasingly important to Manawatu’s economy as visitors discover its natural beauty and attractions such as Te Apiti – The Lord Of The Rings movie set.

The city center of Palmerston North has become a hub for retail businesses and commercial activity in recent years. Shopping malls, boutiques, and restaurants make up much of Palmerston North’s city center; however, there are also some light industrial sites located nearby. Manufacturing also plays an important role in the local economy which includes printing services, electronics goods production facilities, and food processing plants located around Palmerston North City Centre too.

Cultural Highlights of Manawatu

Manawatu is a region located in the lower North Island of New Zealand. It is known for its diverse geography, culture, and natural beauty. The area has been inhabited by Māori since the 13th century and today it is home to many diverse cultures including Pākehā (New Zealanders of European descent), Māori, and Pacific Islanders.

Manawatu has a rich cultural heritage with many interesting highlights. Visitors can explore the region’s history at Te Manawa Museum, which showcases Maori artworks as well as early settler artifacts from the 19th century. Another great way to experience Manawatu’s culture is through its Kapa Haka groups, which perform traditional songs and dances that have been passed down for generations. 

The area also hosts a number of local festivals throughout the year such as Taste Manawatu Food Festival and Art Deco Weekend in Napier – both are great opportunities to sample regional delicacies and enjoy music performances from local artists. 


In conclusion, Builders Manawatu is a leader in construction and home improvement services in the Manawatu region. They have a team of experienced professionals that are dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship, with excellent customer service. Their commitment to excellence makes them an ideal choice for any renovation or building project. With their range of services, Builders Manawatu is sure to make your home look amazing at an affordable price.

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