Concrete Sealer-Steps To Application And Usage

Concrete is often eroded and damaged by water, weather exposure, oil stains, grease, abrasions or even deicing salts. The best way to protect your concrete against these elements is by using concrete sealers. They are also useful in rejuvenating the natural look of the concrete and also makes it easy to wash and clean.

But the concrete sealers are only effective if applied properly and with correct technique. There are certain calculated and accurate steps through which the concrete sealer needs to be applied or the whole purpose of using it gets defeated. So the million-dollar question is how to apply the concrete sealer correctly.

The Step By Step Demonstration Of Applying The Concrete Sealer Correctly:

Every step that we do while concrete sealing is very important and decides in the durability of the construction in which this is used. It does not matter which brand of concrete sealer you are using, it can be a very famous company like Contreat Australia or any other local company. The main thing that matters is that you follow all the instructions that are given by the manufacturer.

  1. Make The Concrete Clean: Always remove the dirt, grease, oil, dust, and stains from the concrete.
  2. Remove The Previous Sealer If Any: if the concrete has any previous or old sealer then do remove it before putting the new concrete sealer.
  3. Open Up The Concrete: Using the etching solution open up the concrete.
  4. The First Layer Of Sealer: After the concrete opens up using a sprayer or roller apply the first layer of sealer.
  5. Let The First Layer Dry: The first layer of sealer must dry before proceeding.
  6. The Second Layer Of Sealer: After the first layer dries up, apply the second one. But always remember   to put the second layer of sealer in the opposite direction to the first layer.

7.Let It Dry: This is the last and final step in which we let the second layer of sealer dry. Make sure that no one walks or uses the concrete before the sealer is completely dried.

These are the steps we should follow religiously when applying any concrete sealer. These steps may seem very simple and layman, but are really important for the strength and durability of the concrete. The sequence of the steps are also very important and paramount care should be taken to follow it in the order of sequence. Each step follows the other if any step is jumped or missed the effect of the sealer would be futile and would result in faulty concrete and could have serious financial and human repercussions.

We all understand the importance of a concrete solution and also know the benefits it possesses, to a construction project. But equally important are the steps on using the concrete solution. A building or a construction project is always costly and incurs huge financial burdens. Following each instruction would mean a strong and long-lasting structure, with zero defects.

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