Contact Lenses: Choosing the Right Type for You

Globally, more than 2.2 billion people have some level of vision impairment. Because of the high prevalence of eye trouble, there’s always new technology for vision correction. This is great news, allowing you to find a pair of contacts that work for you.

However, it can also make the process overwhelming! How do you find the right pair of contact lenses? While an optometrist can give you a few recommendations and will provide you with the prescription, there are many more factors that are entirely up to you!

In the spirit of making the process easier, we’ve compiled this quick guide to picking contacts, so read on to learn how to do it! 

Wear Duration

One big factor is wear duration. You can choose disposable contact lenses, which are inexpensive and are intended to be thrown out every day.

You can also pick extended wear contact lenses, which can be worn several days and nights in a row. However, these contacts are not advised as they leave you more vulnerable to infection.

Somewhere in the middle are daily wear contact lenses, which are used for several weeks and up to three months depending on the brand. They must be removed and cleaned every day and are the least expensive type.


You can choose either soft or hard contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are a special kind of plastic and water fusion and are more flexible. They allow water and air to pass through the lens, which keeps your eyes moist and makes them more comfortable. 

Soft contact lenses are more fragile and can absorb irritants like smoke but are less conducive to infection.

On the other hand, hard lenses are more durable and last a long time but are often less comfortable. They are less permeable, which makes them less likely to hold on to irritants. But, any bacteria that enters the eye has difficulty getting out, which can lead to infection. 

This is a matter of comfort, so you’ll have to try them to see.  

Special Contact Lenses

If you have presbyopia, trouble making out objects up close, you can get multifocal contact lenses. Multifocals are bifocal technology, allowing you to see both up close and far away more easily. 

In addition, you can change your eye color with colored contact lenses. These contacts can be worth either cosmetically or in conjunction with a prescription. 

Consult an Optical Office

Your contact choices depend on your eyes, and sometimes you need an expert opinion. Check out this site for an optical office that provides all the lenses that we’ve mentioned in this article and can provide them for you for an affordable price. 

Find the Best Contact Lenses for Your Eyes

If there was a one-size-fits-all solution to vision correction, there wouldn’t be so many contact lenses in the world! Picking the right pair is an incredibly personal choice, depending on your eyes, your lifestyle, and your preferences. Start with this guide and a visit to the optometrist, and begin your journey to perfect sight! 

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