Dejanae Mackie Age and Bio

Dejanae Mackie, a 15 years old young teenage girl has been a sensation in the celeb world and music industry as well. She is a rising talent and getting public and media attention in recent times. Mackie, with her brown eyes and long dark hair, has been able to hold a place within the heart of hundreds of thousands of fellows like you, me, and a number out there. Apart from all these, she also has another public identity that she must be proud of for sure. Yes, Mackie is famous rapper Papoose’s oldest daughter.

Dejanae Mackie

Dejanae Mackie Age

15 years as of 2018

Personal Profile of Dejanae Mackie

Papoose was given custody of Dejanae Mackie at an early age, and since then, she hardly had contact with her mom. Though her father is from Brooklyn, Mackie claims Queens to be her hometown. To her, education holds a very important place in her life, and therefore she has been going through a hard time balancing school life and her work. Back in 2017, Mackie completed her high school graduation from a popular school in Queens, NY. As of now, she is attending university in New York State for her university graduation. He aims to pursue her educational degrees along with a music career.

Professional Profile

Dejanae Mackie got a number of acting opportunities since her teenage. With time, she has become a part of several videos and interviews together with her father. She also appeared on TV several times as well. Back in 2015, she was a cast member in one of the hit television reality series “Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood.” She got the chance to be a part of episode 2 of season 6 titled “Secrets & Lies” with the name DJ. In the 7th season of the same show, Mackie appeared in 3 more episodes. Moreover, it has been said that she is more likely to get a larger role in the upcoming seasons of “Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood.”

While in the show, Dejanae Mackie was gaining much appreciation for her acting as well as her musical skills. She has also been able to have a fanbase that is growing gradually with the passage of time since the show. After the television show, Papoose praised highly her, especially for her music skills and she began to write raps for herself under her pop mentorship. She has already released several singles and the track “Blue Faces” is one of the most popular to date.

Dejanae Mackie’s Net Worth

As a budding artist with praiseworthy music skills, it is expected that she earned a decent amount of fortune followed by name and fame. However, we find no trace of Dejanae Mackie’s Net Worth in a numerical figure as of now.

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