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Swaghollywood net worth and Biography

Born on 15th June 1993, in Sarasota, Florida, United States, Lucius Bonner, most popularly known as Swag Hollywood is a rising American hip-hop artist. Though he came into the media and public attention recently in 2016, he attained quite a handsome fanbase within this very short time. As a rapper, Lucius Bonner or Swag Hollywood whatever you name him debuted his professional musical career with a single titled “Swoolin With The Loot” back in 2015. Now, let’s look at the different stages of Lucius Bonner on his way to become Swag Hollywood and beyond.

SwagHollywood Net Worth

According to some reliable sources, Swag Hollywood Net Worth is estimated around $100 thousand and growing with the passage of time as of 2016. Again, it is expected that the upcoming concert tour will contribute to a great extent to increase the total of his net worth. Let’s see what’s waiting for Swag Hollywood ahead.

Early Life

Like so many notable artists, Swag’s life was not as supportive as to pursue a career in the music industry. Coming off such tough surroundings in Sarasota, Florida, it’s nothing but the dedication and a passionate attitude towards music that rewarded Lucius Bonner the title “Swag Hollywood.” Before appearing as a musician, Lucius Bonner used to work at Finish Line as a dish washer, not just to live his life for sure. He used to do the job to fund his musical career. As Swag Hollywood stated in an interview with The FADER that he had to pay fifty dollars per hour in a home studio. It’s indeed extremely expensive, nah?

Swaghollywood net worth

Music Career

Despite such crucial circumstances as mentioned earlier, Swag Hollywood debuted as a professional hip-hop artist with a single titled “Swoolin With The Loot” back in 2015. With the release, he was fortunate enough to get into A&R Noah Zark’s attention. Later on, Swag moved to Atlanta to pursue a full-time career in music industry being motivated by A&R Noah Zark. After moving to Atlanta, Swag released several singles back in 2016 that made him what he is today.

Some of Swag Hollywood’s most notable singles include “You Ain’t Got It,” “Li Moe,” “Savage Squad Anthem” etc. that were released in 2016. He also released a mixtape titled “Swoolin Souf” together with the popular producer Richie Souf as well. A remix version of Swag’s popular single “Li Moe” was also released featuring rappers like Famous Dex and Lil Yachty. Swag is more likely to be a part of the grand LoudMouf tour along with several other rappers including Gat and Cris, IDontKnowJeffery, and DJ Henesis so far.

Quick Overview

Name: Swag Hollywood

Birth Date: 15th June 1993

Occupation: Musical Artist

Swaghollywood net worth: $100,000

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