Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor for Your Home

Christmas is a joyful season often associated with gift-giving, lovely decors, and sparkling lights. It’s when people start beautifying their homes with stockings and tinsel, wrapping presents with colorful bows, and decorating their tree.

There are many Christmas decorations that you can choose from when the holidays come. However, during this season, a lot of plastic waste and other types of garbage are accumulated. This can be a huge problem for the environment.

You can still decorate your home for Christmas without hurting Mother Nature too much. Here are some eco-friendly Christmas decorating ideas you can try for the holidays:

Recycled Paper Ornaments

Christmas decors made with recycled paper are a great idea if you like hanging baubles. They’re very easy to make, and you can make them large enough to hang in a corner to get a holiday vibe. If you want a rustic feel, you can use pages from old books. If you prefer something bright and jolly, you can use leftover wrapping paper or cardboard scraps.

Twig Candle Holders

Candlelight can be romantic and magical, which is perfect for Christmas dinners. When it comes to setting the mood, lighting can be a powerful weapon. Bring nature into your home with a twig candle holder, dressed up with recycled ribbons. All you need is a bunch of twigs, an old glass cup, some glue, and ribbons you won’t be needing anymore.

Solar Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are one of the most popular decors during Christmas time. They adorn trees and patios and create a magical feel that both children and adults love. The only disadvantage is that they can add a lot of costs to your energy bill. For an eco-friendly alternative, you can try solar Christmas lights. Jason from says that these twinkling lights can be used indoors and outdoors without adding costs to your electricity bill. You can use it as much as you want without worrying about hefty energy costs, so there’s much more reasons to celebrate.

Scrap Ribbon Ornament

Here’s another good reason to take a walk in the morning. You can gather some twigs as you walk at a nearby park and create a lovely ornament made from short ribbons that probably won’t be used for wrapping purposes. You just need to tie the ribbons around the twigs, line and bunch them up together, then trim the edges the way you want to. This could be a great activity to do together during the Christmas holidays. You’ll have a lot of decorations, you’re helping the environment, and your children will have more bonding time with each other!

Recycled Wreath

If you’re wondering what to do with a bunch of greeting cards you haven’t been able to throw away, a recycled wreath would be the perfect project for you. You can use cards of different colors and sizes to create a unique design. Just cut the cards to your desired shape, glue them to toothpicks, and stick them into a foam wreath. If you don’t have a lot of cards, old magazines can do the trick too!

Decorating your home in December doesn’t have to be harmful to the environment. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. With a bit of imagination and some effort, you’ll be able to create gorgeous decors without making too much waste. Try these tips and enjoy a green Christmas instead!

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