Fixer-Upper: Three Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery

Over 11 million plastic surgery procedures were performed around the world in 2019. While plastic surgery has a bad reputation for being inherently vain, this is not always the case. 

There are many reasons why patients choose to go under the knife. Surgical procedures can improve your appearance and boost your quality of life. 

Keep reading to find three more compelling reasons to consider getting plastic surgery. 

1. It Boosts Self-Confidence

Statistics show that up to 84% of American women are unhappy with their bodies. If you’ve been struggling with an aspect of your body, plastic surgery can help fix it.

Are you hiding behind baggy clothes because your breasts are too small, big, or saggy? A surgeon can help you achieve the look you’ve always desired. 

If you’re self-conscious of the size of your nose, a rhinoplasty can help you find your confidence. 

Sometimes people are born with deformities that can affect their confidence and self-worth. A plastic surgeon can fix things like skeletal and ear deformities, cleft palates, and more. 

Car accidents or violent assaults can often cause a devastating disfigurement. A surgeon can perform reconstructive procedures to restore your appearance. 

2. It Can Improve Mental Health

One of the best benefits of plastic surgery is that it can improve your mental health.

You might feel social anxiety at the thought of facing the world in your current body. A surgeon can help you to achieve a look that provides you with greater control over your life. 

People who have had plastic surgery often see major improvements in cases of body dysmorphia and quality of life. 

3. It Can Improve Physical Health

There are many medical benefits of plastic surgery. Many people choose surgery not to improve their physical appearance, but because they need it. 

Women may get breast reductions or tummy tucks to improve their posture and fix debilitating back pain. Fat removal can reduce the risk of heart conditions by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Deviated septums can make breathing difficult as well as cause drainage issues and snoring problems. A septoplasty can straighten the bone and cartilage and provide much-needed relief.

Our eyelids are often the first place that shows the signs of aging. They can become saggy and wrinkly. While this can cause self-esteem issues, it can impact your vision.  A blepharoplasty repairs droopy eyelids by removing excess skin and reducing bagginess.

We recommend choosing a surgeon who is well-versed in medically necessary procedures. Getting plastic surgery by Dr. Egrari ensures satisfaction for those who seek both aesthetic and medical procedures. 

Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Life

If you’re reading this article now, chances are you’re already considering getting plastic surgery. We hope our blog has helped make the decision process a bit easier. Be sure to do your research beforehand to ensure you choose the right surgeon and procedure for your needs.

Keep reading our health and fitness blogs for more tips on improving your life. 

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