Fun Holiday Clothes for You

Holiday Clothes

            The summer holiday is coming up, if not already here, for many people. You will need a summer holiday wardrobe to keep cool and look fashionable. There are many items that you can wear to make you look chic while still staying cool for the weather. There are some clothing items that are necessary for your wardrobe.

            You can do a lot of online research and shopping to see what items are best for you. One of such place is Pampelone, where you can get all your shopping done in one spot. They have everything you could possibly need for the summer. They are reasonably priced and have lots of comfortable clothes and outfits for you to check out.

Top Items You Need for Your Summer Wardrobe

                Classic White T-Shirt

                The classic white t-shirt cannot be beat for comfortable summer wear. It will keep you looking and feeling cool for the summer. You can dress it down during the day, and with the right accessories, dress up for the evening. This for sure an item that you need for your summer wardrobe. Pampelone has classic white shirts beginning at around ninety-eight dollars.

                Day to Night Dress

                There are plenty of dresses that you can wear at the beach and then later with a change of shoes and maybe some added jewelry, you can wear for a night on the town. There are different lengths of dresses, from a mini and midi to a more formal maxi, but all will work well for this category. Pampelone has many different dresses that fits this category beginning at around ninety-eight dollars.

                The Floaty Blouse     


                This is another top that just screams summer, and it is comfortable, as well. Another top that you can dress down for a day at the beach and then dress up for dinner later that evening. There are both long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions of the floaty blouse. Pampelone has many floaty type blouses that you can buy starting at around ninety-eight dollars.

                Wide Leg Trousers

                With the right top, wide leg trousers can be good for an all-day sight-seeing tour or can be dressed up with another top and shoes for an elegant night on the town. They can be much cooler than a pair of jeans and you can feel more relaxed in a pair of wide leg trousers. Pampelone has wide leg trousers beginning at around ninety-four dollars.

                Midi Skirt

                You can pair a beautiful midi skirt with a nice white t-shirt or floaty blouse, and you are ready for anything. This will be great for a day at the beach, an elegant lunch at a fancy restaurant, or a night of dancing. Make sure you get at least one in a soft material, and you will be comfortable all day. Pampelone has these midi skirts starting at around ninety-eight dollars.

                Fancy Swimsuit

                Of course, no summer wardrobe is complete without a flattering swimsuit. You can get them in all kinds of different styles, from a bikini to an awesome one-piece. You need to choose the one that will best flatter your body style, there is one that will be perfect for you. You want to choose a material that will be comfortable for you. You can find a swimsuit that will flatter you at Pampelone for around one hundred fifty-eight dollars.


                You will need a pair of comfortable shoes for your summer wardrobe, as well, and nothing is more comfortable than a good pair of sandals. The right pair of sandals will go with any of your outfits and make you look good while you are comfortable. A pair of good sandals will keep your feet cooler than a pair of tennis shoes. Although Pampelone does not carry shoes, you can find a great inexpensive pair for around fifty dollars. You can look at this website and get some ideas about the right type of sandal for you. They have a list of several that you can choose from.

                The Cover-up

                The right cover-up can dress up your outfit, even if your outfit is just a swimsuit at the beach. Throw on a cover-up and you can wear your swimsuit into a casual restaurant and look like a million dollars. You can also throw on a cover-up over your white t-shirt and wide leg trousers and have a great look for an evening on the town. Pampelone has a variety of cover-ups to make you look awesome starting at around one hundred fifty dollars.

                The Scarf

                If you want to dress up any outfit that you wear, whether it is an afternoon outfit for strolling the town, or a fancier evening outfit, add a beautiful scarf. You can have draped around your shoulders, wrapped around your neck, or tied around your waist and look wonderful no matter what. You cannot buy a scarf at Pampelone, but you can find them for as little as twenty dollars at other places. You can do research and find scarves at many different places. You will find the perfect one for you and for your outfit.

                The Hat

                You will need a way to keep the hot summer sun of your head, so you need an awesome hat that will complement any outfit that you choose to wear. There are many types of hats to wear, but the straw hat will be best for the summer sun. You can get a straw hat in different styles such as the fedora, boater, or Panama. Any style will go well with the outfits that you have chosen to make your way around town. Pampelone does not carry hats, but you can find an awesome hat for as little as twenty dollars.

If you choose at least one of each item from this list, you can have a summer wardrobe that will make your summer holiday go extremely well. You will look beautiful with any combination of the items above.

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