Get Rid of Dents and Scratches

Hardwood flooring retains its style over time, it’s a reason that so many people choose to install it throughout their homes and businesses.

One of the biggest assets of hardwood floors is that a dent or scratch isn’t necessarily a death sentence to the value of your investment. Not only does a little wear and tear improve the appeal of hardwood floors in some people’s eyes, but most dents and scratches can easily be repaired. Best of all, these blemishes can be repaired as a rather simple DIY job with the following approaches:

Steaming a Dent Out of the Wood

Dents in wood can also be removed with a crafty combination of water and heat. Water is applied to the dent area so that the wood absorbs it and starts to fill out. Applying an iron placed on a paper towel uses heat to speed up the process. After three or four cycles with water an steam the dent should “pop” out and become level with the surface of the floor again.

Tip to Remember #1 – Protect Your Floors First

While these tips for removing scratches and dents are very successful – they aren’t miracle workers. Some scratches and dents either can’t be removed or the constant repairing will wear down your floor so it can never be sanded and refinished. Therefore, we recommend protecting your hardwood in as many ways as possible including:





Tip to Remember #2 – Buy Easiklip Flooring for Easier Repairs

Easiklip hardwood flooring is specifically designed so that it can be clipped in and out instantly (it’s right in the name!). It might not even be worth it to fill in scratches and gouges with wood putty, conceal them with stain, or use heat to pull out a dent when you can replace the damaged section of flooring in a second.

This is a surefire way to fix the damages and it helps make your floor look like new. So, make sure to order extra Easiklip flooring for any and all repairs down the line – because you never know!

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