Grand Seiko: 5 Iconic Watches

Grand Seiko’s existence as a producer of world-class precision watches is warranted. It is also well-earned. For true watch enthusiasts, however, Grand Seiko is just as celebrated for its watch dials’ exquisite beauty and design.

So what are the most iconic Grand Seiko Watches? Five of them include the following:

Grand Seiko “Snowflake” SBGA211

It should be no surprise that the Grand Seiko “Snowflake” SBGA211 tops this list. Its dial is a winner because of its quality and the craftsmanship poured into it. One of its most winning qualities is the possession of its Spring Drive caliber. The latter has a small power reserve indicator on the dial. However, there are better features of this watch.

Actress Yuki Minami and actor Jon Chu have been spotted sporting this watch during their appearances.

You can check out more of the other not-mentioned Grand Seiko watches here:

Grand Seiko ‘Mt. Iwate’ SBGJ201

Secondly, we have the Grand Seiko Mt. Iwate SBGJ201 model. The Iwate is a class-thin dress watch that features a stainless steel case. It also has an anti-reflected dual-curved glass produced from sapphire. Its name is affected and influenced by its deep blue dial – a textured pattern designed after Mt. Iwate. The patterns give the watch depth and richness, thus enhancing an already beautiful timepiece. In addition, the dial has a power reserve indicator and a subdial.

Grand Seiko GMT SBGN005

When Grand Seiko’s first watch was released in 1960, it forever changed the view that the Swiss had mastered the best watchmaking. For decades since the first Grand Seiko release, Grand Seiko has since released the most elegant and beautiful timepieces worldwide while simultaneously innovating watch technology. This includes the iconic Spring Drive.

Behind the Grand Seiko GMT SBGN005 is the story of an artist perfecting their craft. Back then, in 1993, the 9F caliber was introduced 1993 and was touted as a new advancement in quartz technology with a higher level of accuracy.

The caliber 9F86 had to be redone. The GMT complication (its placement, build and mainplate, and gear train) was added. The four (4) hands of the watch had to be manually attached.

Grand Seiko “Spring” SBGA413

The Grand Seiko “Spring” SBGA413 has a pink face; it is also renowned as an exquisite watch model that encompasses the fleeting and memorable season where the cherry blossoms, Japan’s national flower, bloom, and dance on the water in elegant waves. Its attractive design boasts a multi-sided case made from titanium and features a wide dial opening that does not require a bezel. In addition, its anti-reflective sapphire glass provides a clear date view and power reserve indicators.

Grand Seiko “WhirlpooL” SBGH267

Lastly, we have the Grand Seiko Whirpool. In its Anniversary Edition, the Whirpool is worthy of its name with its swirling patterned face, set in Grand Seiko’s dark blue. A polished and sleek Zaratsu stainless steel case highlights its face. It is embedded with a gold “GS” mark, sparkling in great contrast to the deep blue face. It also has a mark that indicates the date.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the most iconic Grand Seiko watches. Their strength lies in the power of their dial and their elegant designs.

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