How Address and Phone Verification APIs Can Save Your Business Money

Address and phone verification API are incredibly valuable to businesses. These services confirm that the addresses and phone numbers you have in your database are authentic and connected to your customers. Of course, the benefits reach much further than that.

Standardizes Addresses

Standardizing data is essential, as spelling, punctuation and even capitalization can affect filters. If you’re trying to pull accurate data, you want to enter a simple search and get your answer. If your data isn’t standardized, you need to search for every possible computation to ensure you’re not missing anything. Fortunately, address verification software can help you skip this ridiculous step by formatting addresses upon input.

Valuable and Updated Data

When it comes to data, quality is just as important as quantity. If your information is rife with misspellings or fake numbers, you can’t use it to create effective business strategies. Address and phone verification confirm data as it comes in, ensuring everything is accurate when you need it.

Promotes Strong Customer Relationships

Sending a mailer, texting a message or giving a call are all great ways to follow up with customers who previously enjoyed your products. However, if you don’t have the correct contact information, your marketing efforts disappear into the ether. That’s a lot of time and money gone without anything to show for it. Verification software ensures you can reach out to customers and build a future relationship.

Increases Customer Conversions

Did you know that a percentage of online customers abandon their carts during checkout? Usually, it’s because the checkout process is cumbersome or confusing. You can offer a more straightforward, convenient solution with address and phone verification.

Verification software offers customers options based on their first few characters. They can select the correct address from the generated list then sit back as the software auto-populates the rest of the information. This speeds up the purchasing process, decreasing the likelihood of abandoned orders.

Protects Your Business From Fraud

BatchData software can help you avoid scammers seeking free goods or stealing customer identities. Fraudsters may input fake addresses or spoof phone numbers as part of their schemes, but verification can help you identify these ploys. Fraud prevention can save a lot of money, protect your reputation and keep your customers’ personal information secure.

Boosts Productivity

If you don’t have automated systems checking addresses and phone numbers, you have to do it manually. This task is tedious and takes up valuable employee time and energy. By automating verification, you free up your workforce to tackle issues that move your company toward its goals.

Decrease Return Rate

If you don’t have the correct address, items may be lost or returned when you mail them. Returned orders lead to several issues:

  • Unhappy customers
  • Extra expenses to reship or refund
  • Bad reviews that can negatively affect your business

Address verification ensures you have the correct location, thereby reducing the risk of a returned or lost package.

Technology such as address verification and geocode address API is changing how companies do business. If you haven’t already invested in these systems, you should consider doing so. Otherwise, you’ll be behind the competition.

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