How Can You Buy the Best Blankets in Australia

You live in a Victorian home, a popular architectural style in Australia, with elements, like a brick fireplace, lending character to your living area. The best way to enjoy such features is to find an intimate corner and have a hot beverage while snuggling under a soft blanket.

As per a 2019 report on blankets Australia imported about US$4 million from India, with the highest blanket imports being in 2017, at about US$5 million.

But whether it’s the imported or locally-made varieties, top online retail stores give you access to high-quality blankets for an added layer of seasonal warmth. Here are a few top tips that will help you buy the best blankets in Oz.

Look for the Right Blanket Type

Once winter arrives in Australia, locals rush to buy throw blankets, as these are lightweight and portable. They also love to create a casual cascade with this blanket type by hanging it on the back of their sofa.

Decide how you wish to use the blanket, based on which you will know the blanket type you need. Top online stores feature a wide variety of blankets, including standard, waffle, and throw.

Check for the Right Material

Winters in Australia are pretty cold, with temperatures dropping to as low as 5 degrees Celsius, with frosty nights during June and July.

During such cold months, you will need blankets with a high heat retention quality. Online retailers present a pure wool blanket range, guaranteeing you high-quality fibre content.

See if you can find other fabrics like cotton and feather/down. While cotton offers decent breathability, the feather/down blankets are soft, light, and make excellent winter comforters.

Choose the Right Size

When you wish to have a luxurious addition to your bedroom, blankets are the perfect stylish accessories.

Check your bed dimensions and accordingly choose the right blanket size. You can check the product description page on the retailer’s website for size specifications. Typically, for a double queen bed, the best size is 230 x 240 cm, and for a king bed, you would need a 240 x 270 cm blanket.

And if it’s the throw blankets, the ideal size is 122×183 cm for more petite sofas and 200x235cm for a luxuriant experience.

Go for Elegant Colours

Crisp White and Centurion are some of Australia’s most popular interior paint colours. The blanket you choose can elevate your room’s overall style, as it serves as an accent tone for such wall shades.

Considering where you will be using your blanket, look for the shades that will match your room’s aesthetics.

While pastels are the all-time hot picks in blankets, Australia also loves dark hues like charcoal and vibrant shades that present happy vibes.

Check the store website for the offered range of tones; see if you can find shades like white and slate that will best match your taste.

Find the Right Online Retailer

Australia has a rich merino wool heritage, producing this fine wool for over 200 years. Locals use it to make home furnishings, even blankets.

If you wish to buy a highly durable blanket made from such quality material, look for a reputable online store. They feature the best eco-friendly products with antibacterial properties. While you can enjoy the warmth and extreme softness, you will have the assurance of using blankets that won’t affect your health in any way possible.

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