How Is a Car Shipped by a Transport Company?

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Are you ready to explore life in a new town or city? You might be considering the next big step of moving. However, before you do, you need to get your car there.

Car shipping might seem daunting, mainly if you’ve never made a move before. It would be best if you made all sorts of preparations to prepare for moving, and all the more when you have your car.

If you’re ready to find out, take a look at this short and simple guide on how to get your car shipped.

Shipping Process

When shipping a car, the process often begins when the owner contacts the company. They set up an appointment for the vehicle to be picked up. After the pick-up date is scheduled, the company arranges for a tow truck to arrive and collect the vehicle from the owner’s premises.

Some companies offer enclosed trailers for shipping cars, which protects them from the elements during transit. They then verify the car’s condition and load it onto the truck. Once the car is securely fastened to the truck, the vehicle will then be transported to the designated destination.

Depending on the length of the journey, the transport company may make one or multiple stops. It ensures the car remains safely attached during the shipping process.

When the car finally reaches its destination, the driver informs the owner of its arrival and verifies that it is in satisfactory condition. Once the owner has accepted delivery, the car is unloaded, and the shipping process is completed.

Variety of Transport Companies

They typically use enclosed trailers to protect the car against the elements and theft during shipping. To start, the customer will provide the transport company with details of their vehicle, such as the following:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Destination of the car

For added protection, some transport companies may require the customer to purchase additional insurance to ensure the car arrives in perfect condition. Customers need to research different transport companies to choose the one that best meets their needs.

Preparing a Vehicle

For a successful auto shipment, the vehicle must be prepared. This process usually starts with a sweep of the car to find any damages, recording the current mileage and tank level, and detailing any existing dents, peeling paint, or scratches.

The vehicle must have a full gas tank, as shippers won’t accept empty tanks. The tires should all be in good shape and inflated correctly, as any arising issues can delay the shipment. All loose parts, such as extra accessories, should be removed.

Estimated Cost

Typically, a transport company charges an estimated cost that covers the vehicle’s dispatch, delivery, and transport insurance. The cost to transport vehicle is based on the estimated weight and size of the car, the time of year, and current fuel rates. Researching transport companies and comparing their estimated costs is essential to ensure a reasonable rate.

Getting a Car Shipped is Easy

Having your car shipped by a transport company is an easy and popular way to have your car moved from one place to another. It is important to select an experienced, reliable, and insured transport company to ensure the safe delivery of your vehicle. When you’re ready to transport your car, take the time to compare rates and services to find the best transport company to meet your needs.

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