How to Design Office Space

After a few years of switching to remote work, half of business leaders expect their employees to return to the office. If you’re ready to restart in-person work at your place, it might be time to rethink your office design.

Even if you’ve already got a place, it could be time for a refresh. Rethinking office space design from time to time is a great way to improve your workspace and boost productivity.

Don’t spend your working hours in a place that makes you uncomfortable. Learn how to design office space from our handy guide.

What are Your Needs?

Before you begin to redesign your space, find out what your specific needs are. Not every business works in the same way, and you might need special areas that are specific to your business.

Do  you need a room to create videos with a green screen or an area to test products? Consider these things before you start designing office space.

If your business is high specialized, you might need to reach out to professionals. For example, a dentist office would need to reach out to a dental office design company.

More Variety to Working Spaces

While open office design has gained popularity recently, it’s not always the best for workers. Instead, consider giving your workers a variety of spaces for them to use as they need them.

Giving employees personal spaces versus non-assigned areas helps them feel comfortable. However, add open areas for collaboration and socialization, too.

Quiet spaces, where employees can get away to really focus, are great additions to your office, too. Don’t just follow old ideas for office spaces, give your workers a variety of areas to use.

Easy Office Space Design Upgrades

Not all office space design tips involve a complete overhaul. If you have an existing space, you can make a few easy upgrades that don’t cost a lot of money or take a lot of time.

For example, improving office lighting will make a big difference. Use natural light, using different kinds of light in the office, and moving big furniture out of the way of windows are a great place to start.

Adding a few coats of paint is another easy fix. Don’t go too bright with stark whites or bright reds; think calming blues and energetic soft greens.

Speaking of greenery, adding a few plants can boost moods and make the space look more beautiful. Hardy varieties, like snake plants, look great and don’t ask for much.

How to Design Office Space

Now that you know how to design office space the right way, what are you going to do to upgrade your workspace? From doing a total overhaul of your work area to adding a few plants, you’ve got plenty of options.

No matter what, it’s important to consider how your workers use the office space you have. Make it easier to get their jobs done and they will pay you back in productivity.

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