How to Find the Best Toothpaste for Gum Disease (Fast!)

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Over 47% of U.S. adults have some form of periodontal disease (better known as gum disease). If the gum infection worsens, it can degrade the bones that hold your teeth in place. Most patients show no symptoms.

The best way to treat gum disease is by brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing every day, and visiting your dentists for regular periodontitis cleanings. It’s also important to make sure you’re using the best toothpaste for gum disease.

But there are so many different types of toothpaste on the market. How do you know the one you’re using is the best toothpaste for gum disease?

Find Toothpaste Targeted for Gum Disease

There are toothpaste options that promote gum health.

Read the label and see if they target your gum line and destroy the plaque that builds up on your gums. Some toothpaste labels will also state if the product is meant for those with periodontitis or gingivitis.

Look for Fluoride

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in your teeth. This mineral is essential for healthy teeth. Fluoride can prevent tooth decay and it makes your teeth and gums stronger.

Most kinds of toothpaste on the market contain fluoride, but you’ll want to choose a high-fluoride toothpaste. Make sure the first ingredient is fluoride and the toothpaste has the ADA seal of acceptance.

If you’re ever unsure, ask your dentist. They can offer recommendations. Some dentists also sell prescription high-fluoride toothpaste that can better treat your periodontitis.

Use Toothpaste With Corsodyl

Corsodyl makes gums healthier. It not only benefits periodontitis but also those with bleeding gums and other gum-related problems. That’s because Corsodyl targets the plaque that builds on the gum line.

Corsodyl toothpaste also removes more plaque than regular toothpaste, making it an effective solution for those with gum disease.

Look for Hydrogen Peroxide

Another ingredient that can treat periodontitis is hydrogen peroxide. How does hydrogen peroxide improve your gums? Hydrogen peroxide not only destroys plaque but also targets the bacteria that cause periodontitis.

The best toothpaste contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, making it one of the main ingredients.

Know When You Need to See the Dentist

If you have periodontitis, you need to undergo special periodontal services. These often include four intense cleanings every year. This cleaning includes scaling and root planing.

Plaque and tartar are removed from deep above and below the gum line, ensuring the infection doesn’t worsen. 

Your dentist will also monitor your gum pockets, prescribing medication if your gum pockets are inflamed.

Even with these cleanings, you’ll want to brush with a toothpaste formulated for gum health twice a day. Make sure you brush for at least two minutes.

Use the Best Toothpaste for Gum Disease

Periodontitis is a serious condition that affects the soft tissue in your mouth. If left untreated, it can target the bones that hold your teeth.

If you have periodontitis, you’ll want to use the best toothpaste for gum disease. Look for specific ingredients, anything on the label that promotes healthy gums, and always attend regular periodontal cleanings.

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