How to make T-shirts without experience

The idea of a custom T-shirt sounds cool until you have to start thinking about how to take your idea and turn it into a tangible product. Doing something for the first time always causes anxiety, and everyone worries that they will be stuck with something that they won’t like. Even if you have never made a T-shirt, you can still create a meaningful piece of clothing despite not having an artistic background. Even if you have an artistic background, some ideas can help you choose a garment and graphic while brainstorming.

Find A Printer That Can Bring Your Ideas To Life

Fortunately, if you want to make T-shirts, you can partner with a printer. Choose a company with easy-to-use tools on its website to help you create a mock-up of your design, regardless of your artistic background or experience level. This tool should allow you to find a clipart for any occasion or theme and hundreds of font choices for text. Printful, for example, allows you to try out different T-shirt printing techniques to find your favorite. You can choose embroidery for your brand logo, or a direct-to-garment custom design, whether you are buying custom shirts for yourself or are opening a business to sell your custom T-shirts. 

Choose A Company That Helps You

If you have no experience, then it’s up to a company to help you so that you don’t get a product you are disappointed with. After all, you are the one wearing the T-shirt, not the company, so your opinion matters most! That’s why many people looking to start a business selling T-shirts often have anxiety when getting started. From design to shipping, you will have many questions about the process, so choose a company that shows they care about your satisfaction. 

Who is your target audience?

Deciding who you are making your T-shirts for helps to narrow down a design from innumerable possibilities. Do you have a family reunion coming up? Are you going on a bachelorette trip? Are you announcing a baby? And why are you getting this T-shirt now? Is there a special anniversary or event coming up? Or are you trying to start a business selling your custom designs on T-shirts? Narrowing down who you are creating for and why can help you come up with adjectives or images for the group, like a sports team choosing a logo. 

Oh, The Colors!

Even art professionals need to go online and study color palettes. If you have no idea what colors to put together, then you can use an online color palette generator. You can also check out fascinating articles by graphic designers and psychologists about color. Think about how color affects what you’re trying to communicate and to who. Neutral colors like beige or gray are less harsh than colors like red, yellow, or orange. Your relationship can also help you decide on colors if your connection has an official color palette: if you are all members of a team, alumni association, or band, then choose which of your group’s colors will be the dominant one for the t-shirt, or if you’ll go with a black or white background. 

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