How to Make Use of Ribbons in Your Crafts

Ribbons have been around for a long time. You can find them in almost any craft store, and they are inexpensive, too! Ribbons make great decorations to use on your clothes or as a colorful trimming for gifts. This article will show you how to incorporate ribbons into your crafting skills to create beautiful projects using this versatile material.

Flower Pins

These ribbon flower pins are easy to make, and they’re adorable! This craft project can be easily transformed into any color of flower you desire.

Carefully pull on one side of the ribbon to create waves and ruffles. To create a twisted ribbon, fold the ribbons about every 1 inch. Reverse one end and insert it into the folded loop at a right angle. Twist the ends in opposite directions so that they intertwine as you go. The selection of ribbons will have a significant impact on the end product. Ribbons are more fragile, so be gentle when you work with them. Leave a few inches of wire hanging out from the ends but discard the rest.

To start, crank your ribbon loops back and forth a few times on the wire side of the ribbon. To secure a length of ribbon to something, stitch thread through the ribbon several times.

Begin wrapping the ribbon around. All wraps should be secured to the ribbons by stitching them all the way through in a star pattern.

Cut a circle of felt to fit over the back of your flower. Cut a second piece of felt in a wide strip and attached it with zigzags on both sides. That way, you could easily insert it on a hair clip or a pin. Use a blind stitch to attach the felt to the flower.

Christmas Angel

This angel ribbon craft is easy to make than you may think. Begin by cutting out five trapezoid-like shapes with a length of 3 inches and a width of 12 inches. Fold over one edge to form a cone and seal the inside using clear drying fabric glue. Starting at the bottom of the cone with a triangle shape and gluing, you form a point. Glue the ball ornament into the narrow end to create ahead. This is the main body. Use mesh cones to create a triangular shape on each side (attach matching end and points). Glue the fourth cone to the middle body cone in place halfway through and at the back edge. Slide the remaining inserts halfway down to insert the fifth and final cone—glue to back to align seams. You can make wings for your angel by shaping the ribbon to bow and gluing it onto the opposite side of the foil ball’s base. To create the halo, attach a small circle of string or chenille stem to the top of the ball. Use glue to attach a twine loop for hanging.

Roses using Ribbons

Ribbon roses are classic because they work great for all the events and can be made of different types of ribbon. For this, thread a needle and take a length of ribbon. To create a loop, you’ll need to fold the end of the ribbon in half. Make three or four rolls. To finish your work, one the bottom of a ribbon or string, either hem it for the sewing line, use a needle or fold it over to form taping. Take the other end of the ribbon and carefully twist it to create ahead. To make the twisted ribbons coiled up, wrap them around each other. When you roll, do not forget to keep sewing the bottom of every roll. When you have cut off the perfect size, cut off any excess. Gently burn the last few inches of the cut end to secure it. You could also add leaves to the roses if you desire. The amazingly perfect ribbon rose is ready.


Luckily, you don’t need to toss them away with the old lampshade. If you’re looking for a very stylish way to reuse old clothing, there is perhaps no better idea than this one simple project!

Begin by attaching the ribbons to your lampshade with a thin strip of hot glue and work vertically (top edge to end or starting at the top) for each piece of ribbon.

Stretch the ribbon on the bottom edge and glue it down as needed.

Do not apply glue on the entire length of the ribbon, only at the top and bottom edges.

Starting at the top of the lampshade again, overlap and take it straight down to the bottom rim. Fold over the ribbon and continue this until you’ve gone all the way around the lampshade.

First, place the trim around the top and bottom rim so that raw edges are covered—the perfect light for any room of your home. The color will match any part of the room.


Ribbons are such fun and versatile crafting materials. They can be used in so many ways for a variety of projects, whether you’re looking to add some flair or function to your next DIY project! So go ahead, grab those scissors, threading needles, and spools of ribbons – It’s time to get creative! I’m sure that with all the tips we’ve given you today, there’s at least one ribbon-centric craft idea that has caught your eye enough to give it a try.

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