How to Move to California: The Basics Explained

Do you find yourself California dreamin’, and wondering whether a move out west could transform your life?

California has been attracting settlers from around the world for centuries. With 53 Fortune 500 companies based in California, many heads there with the hope of making a career for themselves with one of the world’s top brands. 

But what exactly is involved in moving to California? Where are the best places in California to call home?

Read on to find out how to move to California.

How to Move to California from Overseas

Your first step will be to check out US immigration law. Find out the requirements for various types of visas and see whether you qualify. 

You can relocate to the US for employment purposes or as the spouse of a US citizen. Certain family members of US citizens may also qualify for IR, CR, or F category visas.

Moving to California from Other States

The first step when planning a move is to find out how to become a resident of California. This will allow you to get a driver’s license, register your car, and get access to California-resident-only deals.

You can do this by:

  • Buying or renting a property in California
  • Being employed in the state
  • Being registered to vote
  • Having a business based in California

If you stay in California for more than 183 days out of the tax year, you’re considered to be a resident.

Living in California can be expensive. Make sure that you’re on a secure financial footing and have a job or business to go to when you move.

Next, you’ll need to find a home. Once that’s in place, some key moving tips are:

  • Update your address with USPS
  • Get your license and register your car
  • Get your insurance policies updated
  • Enroll your kids in the new school district
  • Get to grips with California taxes

California can offer residents a great lifestyle but do your research first. Think about the amenities and attractions that matter most to your family. There are less well-known places that offer a great way of life with a lower cost of living.

The Best Places in California to Live

One of the things that draw people to California is its beautiful climate. Santa Clara is a prime example of this. Just 45 minutes south of San Francisco, it’s home to many major employers. 

Townhomes for sale in this area offer you a chance to enjoy its lifestyle, which centers on sports and outdoor activities. If you love wine, it’s the perfect location, with wineries right on your doorstep.

In southern California, San Diego is an ever-popular choice. It has over 70 miles of coastline, a stunning climate, and some of the best Mexican food around.

Ready to Move to California?

Now you know how to move to California, are you ready to start packing your bags? Wherever you live there’s plenty of year-round sunshine, not to mention a ton of attractions close by. Maybe it’s time to stop California dreamin’ and turn it into a reality!

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