How to Protect Your Eyes From Harmful Light Exposure

Did you know that the best time to wear sunglasses is not when the sun is shining its brightest? In fact, the most harmful light exposure to comes throughout the day when it is cloudy outside.

That’s right! The light within your office building, or while you are driving can hurt your eyes. This is why you need to make sure that you have the best pair of glasses or shades, that can help protect your eyes.

But today, we are going to be talking specifically about the best ways to shield your eyes from UV light. Let’s get into it!

Safeguard Your Eyesight With Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the top ways to protect your eyes from harmful exposures. Studies suggest that UV rays coming from the sun can lead to increased risks such as eye diseases, vision conditions, and even blindness.

Additionally, these sunglasses can protect your eyes by:

Blocking out very strong UV rays

Reducing glare and heightening contrast

Decreasing eye strain and fatigue

It is essential to look for those that block out 99%-100% of ultraviolet light for the most effective protection. Keep in mind and stick with the trusty rule of “darker is better,” as murky lenses filter out more light compared to lighter glasses.

Give Your Eyes a Break From Device Screens

There are ways to shield your eyes from the harmful light associated with using screens. First, adjust the brightness settings to lower levels if needed. This will help reduce excess light exposure.

Second, lessen your time exposed to screens by taking regular breaks or scheduling gaps between tasks. This can aid in lowering strain and fatigue on your eyes. Finally, use screen filters to block blue light from reaching your eyes.

Blue light is known to be particularly damaging to your eyesight and can lead to headaches, fatigue, and sleep disruption. Taking these small steps can protect you from the damaging UV exposure of screens.

Wear a Hat With a Visor

Hats with wide visors and those with three-inch brims are the best, and the size of your hat should depend on the intensity of the sunlight. When it comes to protecting your eyes, the right hat with a visor is key to defending against the harmful effects of light.

Wearing a hat while spending time outdoors can help to prevent sunburned eyes, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Additionally, the right hat also keeps your eyes cool and can enhance your outdoor comfort by blocking wind.

Finally, those with three-inch brims are the best, and their size should depend on the intensity of the sunlight as well.

Supplement Your Diet With Antioxidants

To further save our eyesight, it is crucial to cushion our bodies by supplementing our diet with antioxidants. This will aid in boosting eye nutrition and wellness. These are powerful nutrients that have been shown to safeguard the eyes from destruction.

Antioxidants such as Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Vitamin C are especially beneficial for eyesight and keeping them healthy. By supplementing our diet with these food additives, we can protect our eyes from oxidative damage caused by UV radiation.

Tips to Avoid Eye Damage from Light Exposure

Taking these steps to safeguard your eyes from harmful light exposure is important. Wearing sunglasses, avoiding blue light, and taking frequent breaks from gadgets are a few ways to combat this issue.

Make sure to consult an eye doctor to learn more about how to keep your eyes healthy and safe.

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