Les Miles Net Worth Salary

Les Miles Net Worth Salary and Biography

Leslie Edwin Miles is he who was born on 10th November. He is well known for American Football coach and once he was an American former football player. His nickname is “the Hat”. His birthplace is Elyria, Ohio, USA and his birth sign is Scorpio. Now he is a man of 64 years.

Les Miles Net Worth

Les Miles Net Worth

 Net worth of Les is around 12 million US dollars


Les Miles graduated from Elyria High School in Ohio in 1972. At that time he enjoyed baseball and Wrestling. Miles began his playing career in 1974 as an offensive lineman in the University of Michigan. In 1975, he left from his job. In 1980, he had gone back to Michigan to play assistant coach role. In 1982, he left Michigan and Join University of Colorado. One year later, he again returned Michigan. He worked here from 1987 to 1994.  Then the nest couple year, he worked in Oklahoma State. He also worked for Dallas Cowboys as an assistant coach about a couple of years. Then he began his career as a head coach in 2001. He had gone back to Oklahoma State as a head coach. He also worked in LSU tiger’s football club as a head coach from 2005 to 2016. He got his all success as a coach of LSU tigers. LSU won BCS National Championship Game in 2007 and here Miles was a Head coach. LSU won SEC championships in two times with the help of Miles. However, LSU is the golden club of miles.

Les Miles Salary

$4 million

Les Miles Age

64 Years as of 2018

Les Miles Salary

Personal life

Les Miles is a famous American footballer. Currently he celebrates his life as a Football coach. Nowadays he is coaching at Louisiana State University.

Miles father name was Martha miles and Mather name was Bubba miles. His mother was a long-haul trucking broker. He married to Kathy in 1993. They have four children together. He supposed himself as a “Strong Christian” and he always like to visit churches. He is a great football coach. ESPN had mentioned him for the balance he sustains among his role as a coach and his character as father and husband.

Les Miles Wife

The name of Les name is Kathy Miles.

Quick View on Les Miles

Full Name: Leslie Edwin Miles

Birth Date: November 10, 1953

Profession: Football Coach

Les Miles Net Worth: $12 million

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