Most Common Uses of Aluminum

Aluminum is a material that is widely used for creating a variety of items. It is used for making things that you might have never even thought about. As the third most abundant metal, it is obvious why it is a popular option for manufacturing. Aluminum is used because it is odorless, conductive, malleable, ductile, durable, corrosion-resistant, strong, and lightweight. In fact, it is also 100 percent recyclable. This means that if you recycle it, it would not lose any of its natural properties. Besides, recycling scrap aluminum requires only 5 percent of the energy in comparison to the energy used for producing new aluminum. Let’s take a close look at the most common uses of aluminum.

  1. Transportation

One of the main uses of aluminum is transportation. Its unbeatable strength makes it a great option. Besides, it is lightweight. This allows less force to be required to move the automobile. Thus, you can expect better fuel efficiency. Even though aluminum might not be the strongest metal out there, you can increase its strength by alloying it with different metals. Since it is corrosion-resistant, you get an added bonus as the need for expensive and heavy anti-corrosion coatings is eliminated. You can check different web site for aluminum profile extrusion.

Despite the fact that the auto industry continues to rely on steel, there has been a drive for reducing carbon emissions and improving fuel efficiency. High-speed rail systems across the globe use aluminum. It helps reduce friction resistance as the weight of the train decreases. Aluminum is also used for aircraft due to being lightweight, flexible, and strong.

  1. Construction

Buildings that are made using aluminum tend to be maintenance-free. The corrosion-resistance offered by aluminum means that there would be no need for much maintenance. Similarly, aluminum is thermally efficiency. Therefore, the building would remain cool during the summer and warm once the weather gets cold. Furthermore, aluminum provides an attractive finish. It can even be curved, welded, and cut to whatever shape you might want. Aluminum sheet is used in the construction of a more common kind. Modern architects cherish working with aluminum as it provides them with unlimited freedom that is not possible with steel, plastic, or wood.

  1. Electrical

Aluminum is also used for electrical purposes. Even though aluminum offers 63 percent of the electrical conductivity provided by copper, it has a low density which makes it the perfect option when in need of long-distance electrical wires. On the other hand, if copper had been used, the support structure would become heavier and much more expensive. Since aluminum tends to be ductile, it allows it to form into wires easily. Besides, its corrosion resistance is also extremely useful.

  1. Consumer Goods

Finally, aluminum does a terrific job when it comes to creating consumer goods such as flat-screen TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Every modern tech gadget depends on aluminum to provide a sophisticated and sleek look. The material allows the gadgets created to provide function and form.


Aluminum is a material that consistently delivers. It does not disappoint at the very least. You can rest assured that it will allow you to perform the desired work.

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