Noise-canceling Headphones: Myth Or Reality

The latest survey states that people are genuinely interested in the power of controlling the background noises or completely diminishing them during a phone call.

Especially during the pandemic when you hear the constant ‘meows’ of your cat while you are trying to explain to the interviewer why you are fit for their company. 

Been there! 

However, the trajectory of noise-canceling headphones doesn’t end here. Sometimes when our psyche is immensely directed towards an intense scene on the screen, the honking of the car even though the closed window can spoil the entire cinematic experience. 

But, we humans have this insane hunger of finding a technological solution for every problem. So, low and behold came noise cancellation headphones to give us an experience beyond the audio realm. 

But, is noise cancellation actually a thing? 

What Are Noise-Cancelling Headphones?

When we are listening to any audio content, we have our digital sound but the world doesn’t end, right? We have another source called ambient noise. These are your air purifier machine, your over-excited dog.

Now, what noise cancellation does; it doesn’t exactly eliminate the whole thing but it reduces it to a minimum so that they won’t be disturbingly audible through your headphones. It helps you enjoy the movie or the music audio in detail without the need to increase your volume and strain your eardrums. 

Now, you may think that noise cancellation can only be possible with over-the-ear headphones, because it is covering your entire ear, and the mechanism would be easier. However, earbuds are also growing popular for excellent noise cancellation without wider drives. To get the best earbuds, visit

Are They A Myth? 

Good news! They aren’t 

Although they can sound too good to be true, noise-canceling headphones are not a myth. They work by inserting themselves in your audio system and bringing in the mechanism of out-of-phase.

This essentially helps in completely canceling or to the bare minimum (depending on the quality of the headphones) disruption in the audio coming from the environment. 

Now, the important question remains. 

Why is it not used that often? 

Myths That Are Giving Noise Cancellation A Bad Name 

This seems to be the ultimate problem solver when at the end of the day, you simply want to unplug yourself from all the work and, immerse yourself into a different reality with the help of your audio?

It’s because of the misleading myths that have been restraining people from investing in one. 

It Disrupts The Sound Quality 

With noise-canceling headphones, we have this ever-known myth that it’s either this or that. This means the audio quality is disrupted now that you cannot hear birds chirping anymore. 

Don’t know where this myth originated from. Probably some loudmouth who bought a low-quality one. However, it’s high time and, it must go. 

The mechanics of noise cancellation headphones will interrupt your audio system but that is not for the purpose of destroying the inbuilt sound quality of the system. Rather with good quality headphones, you will have the experience of hearing even more crisp detail of every breath within the chorus. 

They Are Hazardous To The Health

Again with health advocacy!

Noise cancellation headphones have a certain setting that has to be activated. That being said, even if you do that; the outside world will not simply cease to exist. Rather in return, there will be a minutely audible hissing noise that might make you a little drowsy but definitely won’t pierce your earbuds. 

It Removes All Kind of Noise 

No, this is not a drawback of the product but rather a much-needed safety protocol. It cannot but most importantly, should not eliminate all kinds of voices.

It mostly works for air conditioners, wind, traffic, crowd chattering, etc. In short, voices that have a low frequency. These are mostly audio that can irritate your experience while listening to your favorite true-crime podcast. However, when it comes to high pitch noises indicating ‘emergency’ your ears won’t be missing it. 

So contrary to popular belief, noise-canceling headphones are not a parent’s nightmare. 


Debunking all the myths related to noise-canceling headphones we are finally unleashing the restraints. You can definitely invest in one today! 

They are your perfect companion for late-night movies or gym time motivation. When you are working on that novel and, all you need is some strong classical music and a switch off from reality. 

In fact, I am sure there is no such audio experience that won’t be enhanced if you have a pair. 

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