Overseeding: What Is It and When You Should Do It

Is there any way to get rid of a pitchy patchy lawn? How can your lawn look full and lush and be the envy of your entire neighborhood? The answer is overseeding.

Overseeding restores a lawn that has been damaged by disease, drought, insects, or wear and tear. It is a good way to establish a new lawn or to improve an existing one.

If you’re struggling with your lawn growth this season, we’re here to help. This article helps you understand more about overseeding and why you should do it as part of your lawn care.

What Is Overseeding?

Adding new grass seeds to your lawn is overseeding. It is different from resodding or planting a new lawn from scratch. Overseeding is done to improve the density of an existing lawn.

The new grass will help to fill in any bare spots and crowd out weeds.

When Does Your Lawn Need Overseeding?

When the grass on your lawn is scanty or sparse and you want to help thicken it up and make it healthier, that’s when you overseed your lawn.

If there is an area with a lot of foot traffic, this can compact the soil and make it more difficult for grass to grow. Overseeding can help to keep this area grassy.

How to Overseed Your Lawn 

Start by mowing your lawn shorter than usual so that the new seed has direct contact with the soil. This will give it the best chance of germinating and growing.

Then, you’ll aerate your lawn by making small holes in the soil. Aerating your lawn will help to improve seed-to-soil contact and improve drainage. This will help the new seed to take root and grow.

Next, apply a thin layer of compost over the lawn. This will provide nutrients for the new grass to grow.

Now you’re ready to spread the seed. You can do this by hand or with a lawn spreader. Be sure to use a quality grass seed blend that is appropriate for your area.

Once you’ve spread the seed, use a rake to lightly work it into the soil. This will help to ensure that the seed has good contact with the soil, which is necessary for germination.

Water your lawn deeply. Keep the seed wet until it germinates. This usually takes 7-10 days. After that, you can reduce watering to once per day.

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Restore Your Lawn to Its Former Glory

Of course, overseeding is not the only thing you need to do to keep your lawn healthy. Be sure to mow regularly, fertilize, and water as needed. Overseeding is simply one more tool in your lawn care arsenal that can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy lawn.

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