Pool Problems: How Much Does It Cost to Put in a Custom Pool?

Did you know you can spend as little as just $1,000 putting in a custom pool! Although, since pools come in various sizes and designs, the costs can vary up to around $200,000 for premium options.

Realistically, for a decent size inground pool, you should be looking at spending between $20,000 to $40,000. But smaller above ground pools can be as little as $500!

Factors that change pricing can include the depth, tiles choices, additional features, and then there are going to be ongoing maintenance fees factored in as well. Plus, the kinds of filters and pumps you go for can change the pricing considerably.

A Custom Pool – Above Ground 

There are essentially two types of pools you can choose to build at home. 

The first type is an above ground pool. This is the least expensive option to go for an easy to construct all-in-one kits that can be ordered and sent straight to your door. 

However, one crucial consideration is to have a flat and robust base for your pool to rest on. The easiest way to do this is to construct a concrete platform, which you could do yourself, or hire a professional to do at little cost.

What makes above ground pools more expensive within their category is the size of the walls. Usually, the taller the walls are, the higher the price rises. 50 or so inches is about the highest above ground pools can be for domestic purposes. 

Then you have to think about how much ground space you want to take up on your property with the pool. Typically you’re going to get either 12-foot circular or 24-foot circular pools to choose from.

Bear in mind – there are premium options available that are more customizable and come in different shapes and sizes. But these types will cost a lot more than the $1,000 to $2,000 you can expect to pay for the standard versions.

Inground Pools

The second type of pool that most of us are used to seeing in hotels and waterparks is the inground pool. 

These are more expensive as you have to excavate the ground, and the pool will need tiling. They are more aesthetically pleasing and require less maintenance than above-ground versions. Plus, inground pools tend to last a long time!

Average prices of inground pools are between $20,000 to $40,000. But again, for more premium options, there’s no limit, really. We mentioned $200,000 at the start of the article, but there are inground pools that have cost more even!

One of the most expensive aspects of making an inground pool is the excavation part. As well, if you have to carry out additional landscaping such as shifting trees and shrubbery, prices will hike.

To bring prices down, you can opt for a vinyl-lined pool – the cheapest inground option. There is also the choice of a fiberglass pool, and then concrete pools will be the most expensive.

There is a better solution.

In our opinion, it makes sense to choose a highly experienced company to get the job done right!

The Bottom Line

There is a huge array of custom pool options on the table today. Depending on your budget and aesthetic requirements, there are plenty of viable ways to put in a custom pool in your backyard. 

If we had to choose, we’d go for an inground pool so you can sit by your pool in the summer months, bring out the cocktails while dangling your feet into the clear blue water below. 

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