Role of a Real Estate Executive

Real estate executives are responsible for the part of the workplace team that manages transactions and real estate contracts. The main responsibility of this role is to seek, obtain, manage and dispose of real estate facilities to optimize the portfolio of the company’s main needs and objectives. The real estate executive like Larry Weltman usually has direct access to superior management.

We are all familiar with the role of real estate agents, but do we really know what the functions of a real estate agent are? We tell you!

The work of a real estate agent goes far beyond the sale of real estate. Visiting properties, agree terms of sale, draft contracts, study the market situation. Below we summarize the main functions that an experienced real estate agent like Larry Weltman Toronto has in their day to day.


In order to offer a good service to customers, the real estate agent must know the market perfectly. This requires a lot of control work and analysis of the industry to be able to find what buyers and sellers are looking for, so that the realtor can advice them wisely.


Having skills for negotiation is one of the qualities that are most appreciated in an agent. Knowing how to deal with both parties and getting them to reach agreements requires a lot of tactics, empathy and temperance. If you want to become successful in real estate industry you have to master this skill.


Do not forget that the main function of a real estate agent is to sell. So you must have well developed the gift for real estate commercialization. There are sales training courses and seminars that provide that extra knowledge that differentiates a good seller from the rest.

Personalized attention:

In the real estate sector, trust is one of the keys to becoming a good professional. For this, every real estate agent must be close and attentive. Do not forget that customers are going to deposit in you very important economic goods and quantities. So they need to feel that the person who represents them is trustworthy.

After- sales service:

Contrary to what you tend to think, the work of a real estate agent does not end with the sale agreement. Prepare documentation, process permits, answer calls and emails. These are some of the after sales functions to be performed to achieve satisfied customers that will be the key to a broader, valuable and quality client portfolio.

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